How to make your new kitchen more functional

Posted by SWE Inc on 10th Dec 2021

A new home carries a lot of new possibilities. It's a blank slate, ready for you to furnish and decorate. Of course, you want it to look beautiful, modern, and cozy. It's a very exciting task. However, don't forget to pay attention to the functionality of your home, too! The kitchen is the room that requires the most thought when it comes to efficiency. After all, the kitchen is the heart of the home. It's the place where we prepare meals and where the family gathers to eat and chat. For that reason, you want your kitchen to be both appealing and practical. Luckily, there are many ways in which you can achieve both. Here are some excellent tips on how to make your new kitchen more functional!

The layout is the key to making your kitchen more functional

Once you've ticked off everything from your new home essentials checklist, it's probably time to deal with the kitchen layout. Of course, what works best for your home will depend on the size of the kitchen as well as on your remodeling budget.

Fortunately, there are plenty of kitchen layouts suitable for different types of space. For example, one-wall kitchens are perfect for smaller homes. Or, if that solution doesn't sound appealing to you, a galley kitchen (with countertops on opposite walls with a walkway between them) might be what you're looking for.

For middle-sized kitchens, L-shaped or even a U-shaped kitchen is a much better option. And lastly, you can opt for an island kitchen (with a multifunctional island away from the countertops), ideal for larger homes.

To remodel or not?

Remodeling your kitchen without breaking the bank is not an easy feat, especially if we are talking about making some structural changes. Of course, your goal is to make it as affordable as you can - so ensure you consider everything in detail before making decisions! Open floor plan or not? Are some built-in features a good idea, or do you want more freedom to change things up? Naturally, these choices will depend on the space you have at your disposal and your budget. However, don't forget to take your style and preferences into account, too!

The layout will depend on the size of your kitchen as well as on your budget.

The work triangle is important from day-to-day activities

After the layout, the next thing to make your new kitchen more functional is the work triangle - the stove, the sink, and the refrigerator. These three are the focal points of the kitchen and the features you probably use most often.

Because of that, it's necessary to have easy access to each of them and carefully plan their positions in the kitchen. Ensure the paths from each of them to others is clutter-free - that will make for a good workflow on a daily basis. Additionally, if you're thinking of getting some of the best smart devices for your home, a smart stove or a fridge is a great way to add functionality to your kitchen.

Be creative with storage solutions!

Whether your home is new or not, a functional kitchen is a must. Although some types of remodeling might be pricey, it's always a worthwhile expense. It will certainly make your daily routine more manageable! And if your plan is to sell your home in the future, an appealing and practical kitchen is sure to boost your home's value.

There is never too much storage if you want to make your new kitchen more functional.

Luckily, some kitchen renovations are more affordable than others! Creative and effective storage solutions are a priority for every kitchen. With all the food, dishes, and appliances, kitchens tend to look overflowing and crowded. Here are some of the excellent storage ideas that will enhance your kitchen's functionality:

●additional shelving

●up-to-ceiling cabinets

Love2Organize hanging organizers

●pull-out drawers and cabinets

●racks and cabinet organizers

Appliances you use can make a great difference

One can't imagine a functional kitchen without quality appliances! Among the essential appliances you need are a stove, oven, fridge, and dishwasher. However, there are many other appliances that can make your new kitchen more up-to-date and add a modern touch.

For example, if you're a wine lover, SommPour Aerator and Dispenser is an excellent idea! It's not as bulky as other products of a similar kind which makes it ideal for a small but modern kitchen. Or, if you're looking for something to make the kitchen maintenance a breeze, Baam!HP drain cleaner is a must! Similarly, as we've already mentioned, there's a wide range of smart devices that will add the oomph factor to your kitchen.

When it comes to smaller appliances, there are several things to consider. Firstly, plan your shopping - buy only those items that you need and use. That way, your countertops will stay clutter-free and well-organized. Once you decide what you really want to have, pay attention to the design. Kitchen appliances come in a variety of sizes and colors, so choose the ones that fit well with the ambiance and style of your kitchen.

Both natural and artificial lighting will add style and functionality to your kitchen.

Lighting will add charm and increase your kitchen's functionality

After choosing the best home gadgets for your kitchen, don't forget to attend to the lighting! If your goal is to create a warm, cozy ambiance, proper light fixtures are the way to go. Not only will your kitchen be more beautiful, but it will also gain extra functionality. After all, preparing several meals a day is not very comfortable if you can't see what you're doing!

What's best, possibilities are endless. From chandeliers and wall sconces to task lighting and lamps, you can choose the light fixtures to suit both your needs and styles. Accent pendants or lavish ceiling lights are a great way to brighten up your kitchen and make a stylish statement at the same time!

Enjoy your new kitchen!

As you may see, there are many ways to make your new kitchen more functional. With a bit of effort and imagination, you'll be able to create a kitchen that is both beautiful and well-organized. Of course, one size doesn't fit all, so make the plan that best suits your wishes and needs. Follow these tips and create the kitchen you've always dreamt about!