Your new home essentials checklist

Posted by Peggy Floyd on 27th Jan 2020

When moving to a new home or apartment, it’s quite easy to remember the big things, such as a bed or a couch. After all, it hard to miss these furniture items as they are quite visible parts of every household. However, what most people seem to forget are the little things that come in handy in day to day life. These trivial home essentials are easy to get overlooked, as you usually aren’t aware of how badly you need them until they become necessary.

Thankfully, you’ve stumbled upon this article, which will help you kit out your new property with every little thing it needs to function properly. And the best part is that thanks to the benefits of online shopping, most of them are just a click away!

Invest in proper lighting

Not enough people are aware of just how much lighting impacts our homes and how important it is. Not only does it help with maximizing our performance, but it also sets the mood depending on the tone used. Because of all that, you don’t want to overlook the quality of your home lighting. First of all, try and figure out what bulbs are already in place and if there is enough light overall. If your new home lacks light, you can add some floor and table lamps to your home essentials checklist. And when it comes to choosing the right lightbulbs, you can opt for LED or halogen. These newer types of lightbulbs use a lot less energy than incandescent lighting and at the same time last up to 25 times longer.

However, setting up lightning in your rooms is one thing, but what happens in case of power shutoff and similar emergencies? For these purposes, you’ll need a Superlight Portable Rechargeable Fluorescent Lamp on your list of home essentials. Not to mention that it’s super convenient to take with you on camping trips and any other type of outdoor activity. You have to agree – it’s much better than candles!

The quality of your home lighting can determine your overall mood, so choose your lightbulbs carefully

Cleaning products and tools

A cleaning endeavor might not be fun, but gearing up for it surely is. When it comes to cleaning products, it’s best to follow these three simple words – less is more. Essentially, this means opting for as many multi-purpose products as you can. For example, an all-purpose cleaner is a general cleaner that is suitable for all surfaces in your home, from your bathroom to kitchen floors. Another very useful product is a wet-dry vacuum – try to find one that can handle everything from small stones to liquids. In terms of practicality, we always recommend keeping your cleaning supplies in one place. For that purpose, it’s best to buy a cleaning caddy and store your tools in it. This way, you’ll always have them available at the same spot. Remember, the end result should be a clean and functional home with as little fuss as possible. Among other home essentials, consider BAAM!HP High-Pressure Drain Cleaner/Blaster and forget about toxic chemicals that corrode your pipes. Not to mention that it will save you hundredsof dollars – why call a plumber when you can go the DIY route for a much lower price?

Kitchen must-haves

Just as you’ll want tochoose the right type of boxes when moving, you’ll be careful when choosing kitchen essentials too. With countless kitchen tools to choose on the internet, it’s easy to get lost and forget what’s most important – usability. It’s always good to remember that you can achieve the same results with fewer utensils, as long as they are the right ones. As with cleaning products, multi-functionality is the best solution here as well. With this in mind, ForgeToTable Professional Quality Kitchen Shears have the right features and can be used for numerous purposes. Whether you’re opening a jar, peeling vegetables or using it as a screwdriver, you’ll have a blade for every situation.

Speaking of different situations, how about purchasing CarryMore Reusable Shopping Bags? Whether it’s grocery shopping or carrying garden supplies, they are built to last. Having these home essentials in your kitchen will surely come in handy, so consider buying them after you’ve settled in.

The days of paper bags are over once you buy a reusable shopping bag

Bathroom essentials

We’ve already stocked up the bathroom with cleaning supplies, but what about other essentials? Yes, bathrooms aren’t the most glorious of rooms, but still are a kind of a private sanctuary which should be kept clean and well-organized. Getting a non-slip bath mat will provide safety and convenience during your showers, but also add a contemporary vibe to the room as well. You can go overboard with a shower panel and make your showers more fun, ‘cause why not? The biggest problem in most bathrooms, however, is the lack of storage space. If your bathroom is a bit cramped and there is barely space for you to walk around in it, how do you go about storing your items? Then something like Love2Organize Wrapping Supplies Hanging Organizer might solve your clutter problems. It’s a truly smart way to maximize your space – think of it like having a shelf hung on your bathroom door. Quite convenient, right?

Your cleaning home essentials can be stored in a caddy or a hanging organizer to provide more space in your bathroom

Around-the-house home essentials

Last but not least, this category contains general handy items you’ll need as soon as you’ve relocated to your new home. Whether it’s handing your pictures or dealing with a cold, these items are absolutely necessary, so make sure you have them on your home essentials checklist:

Toolset (hammer, Phillips and flat head screwdrivers, different nails, hooks, and other hardware)

First aid kit

Fire extinguisher

A measuring tape

Flashlight and batteries

Duct tape

Any of these may be a lot to remember, so no wonder we often overlook so many of these home essentials. So write them down or order online right now, as you never know when you’ll be in need of them. After all, they're called essentials for a reason, aren't they?

Author bio: Peggy Floyd is an SEO expert and an experienced writer in the field of interior design. Her informative content helps design blogs she writes to stand out from the competition. Her mission is to connect with potential clients and advise them on their home design choices.