What are the best smart home devices?

Posted by SWE Inc on 6th Feb 2020

Rapid advancements in technology have made smart devices a very popular topic. Smart devices are indeed a fascinating topic; the Internet of Things (IoT) has made what was once science fiction a reality. It’s not just computers and smartphones anymore – a multitude of other devices and appliances can now be smart, such as;

●Lights and light bulbs

●General appliances



●Security systems


Those, and many more smart devices, can now all communicate, send and receive information, and be controlled remotely. Such smart devices can make home automation a reality, where a push of a button or a voice command can suffice to control items around the house. And there is indeed one such device for every room of the house. Of course, basic appliances and devices can be very simple to set up as well as inexpensive, which is why they can also make for fantastic gifts. Other, more advanced smart devices may require more time and effort to install and operate, and they may be quite costly. So, ease-of-use, affordability, and utility can vary; that is where research in advance and some general knowledge of the subject can make things so much easier. With that in mind, let's see what are some of the best smart home devices.

Smart speakers

Such a list has to begin with smart speakers; the core of smart systems, and the control center of multiple other smart devices. Speakers and assistants can be configured to allow you to activate other devices through voice command, as well as automate the process through “recipes”. This fundamental utility can reduce the need for access to smartphones and remotes – you may prefer to have access to your devices from the comfort of your bed, for example.

If such a device is not in the vicinity, or if your hands are occupied with some other activity, voice command will be a most welcome option to have. What’s more, some speaker models can accept voice commands to stream music from another smart device – if you’re moving around the house, then, music can follow as you do. This simple concept of accessibility and convenience will follow this list to its end; while life hacks can make a difference by themselves, technology can also offer such ample utility.

Smart cameras

Smart cameras can be door cameras, outdoor surveillance cameras, or even indoor cameras. Many options come with built-in microphones and speakers for more functionality. From communicating with those outside the house to being able to give remote voice commands to other household smart devices, the utility of cameras with microphones and speakers cannot be overstressed. Video doorbell cameras can continuously record, so you’ll never miss an event – some can even recognize faces and announce them as they approach the door.

Some models offer access to remote live streams, and even motion sensor alerts and people alerts. For even more convenience, some smart cameras can even be set up to only give notifications if a person or object enters a specific area of the frame. For both outdoor and indoor cameras, that’s certainly a welcome option to have. Of course, if you choose to move, it is important that such devices are properly transported and packaged to avoid damage. So if you do, make sure to consult such professionals as Good Movers LA for your cherished devices’ care and moving needs.

Smart security systems

While on the subject of cameras, we have to mention smart security systems. From the bare minimum of Wi-Fi connectivity for basic self-monitored systems, all the way to professionally installed and monitored solutions – “smart” provides the upgrade. Many such systems come with monthly plans for additional features, but other models do fine without.

The purpose of such systems is to adaptably and reliably secure a home, monitoring the area for both intruders and environmental threats. Through Wi-Fi connectivity, all security cameras can then be accessed remotely. Some systems even go as far as to offer smart locks – locks for individual doors that can also be configured and accessed remotely. Their apps can provide great options, from informing you whether a lock is open or closed at any given time, all the way to recognizing if you’ve left the perimeter and locking them automatically. Naturally, some such electronics may be more delicate or prone to damage, depending on their use, so knowing how to best maintain them is important.

Smart lights

No list of the best smart home devices is complete without a mention of smart lights. Even a household’s lights can be smart, and for good reason – turning lights on and off remotely or through voice command is a very convenient option to have. Some also offer customization options; from adjusting brightness levels to changing the bulbs’ colors. Some models can even be configured to flash or change color in sync with the music, or to turn dimmer or lighter based on videos and movies that are played on other smart devices. What’s not to like? That said, of course, it is always important to balance utility with practicality; Superlight is a valuable asset in this regard, serving as a great emergency light on top of its other conveniences.

Smart Thermostats

A thermostat’s basic function is, of course, to monitor and maintain desirable indoor temperature levels. This function does help reduce the energy bill as well, since it keeps heating optimized. Smart thermostats, then, provide upgrades to this core function – Wi-Fi connectivity allows you to control them remotely, as well as customize them. A touchscreen interface can provide far better accessibility to settings and smoother control. Smart thermostats can be programmed to adjust the temperature based on your comings and goings, and tailor cooling and heating cycles to suit your needs and habits. They can also very accurately keep track of humidity levels, which may be a priority in some households. Wireless sensors can be placed in rooms that don’t cool or heat as fast, so that connected thermostats can function based on those specific rooms. Lastly, as one of the best smart home devices, some models also come with integrated voice command sensors, or even speakers – so that thermostats can far exceed their core function, and even play music!