Comfy Puppy Shoe Cushions/Pads - 6 Pairs - Back of Heel or Ball of Foot or 3 Sets of Each

Foot Cushions

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Blisters on your heels take all the fun out of a new pair of shoes, so kiss those new-shoe blues goodbye. Our self-adhesive cushions stick inside your shoe at the back of the heel of at the ball of the foot to help ease friction and keep feet from slipping or sliding.

  •  Includes 6 pairs of heel cushion pads or 6 pairs of ball of foot cushion pads or a mixed pack of both

  •  Cushion pads are self-adhesive

  •  Use inside your shoe at the back of the heel or over the top of your foot or at the ball of your foot

  •  Helps ease friction and keep feet from slipping in and out of the shoe

  •  Each cushion measures 4-inches long x 1-1/4-inches wide

  •  Materials: Polyurethane

Back of heel cushion helps prevent heel pain from constant rubbing, helps reduce friction on back of heel, keeps heels from slipping out of shoes, and also works on the upper inside of shoes as well. Work well in high heels, flats or pumps. Try them in new tall or ankle boots.

Ball of foot cushion helps prevent pain at bottom of toes, stops feet from sliding forward, helps feet feel cool and comfortable, and reduce friction. Work well in sandals.

"The ball of foot cushions work great on sandals. My feet stay cool and they don't slip around my sandal." Customer comment.

One year limited manufacturer's warranty.