Love2Pet No Pull Leash - 2 Sizes - 6 Colors - Made in USA


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The easy to use No Pull solution works with any collar. It's quick & easy to use. It applies safe pressure around dog's chest. 

  • Safe
  • Easy
  • Positive
  • Adjustable
  • Effective

The Love2Pet No Pull Leash incorporates the psychology and physiology of the canine to prevent the dog from pulling. How does it work? It wraps around the dog's barrel and easily attaches to the buckle collar. If the dog pulls, the Love2Pet No Pull Leash slightly presses on the dog, which decreases their natural inclination to move forward. The Love2Pet No Pull Leash is also great for the dog that is easily excited, as the slight pressure will relax them. The simple design is user friendly, and comfortable for the dog.

The Love2Pet No Pull Leash is a great tool for dog guardians and animal shelters who want an easy, dog-friendly way to walk their dogs! It is immediately accepted by dogs – no training necessary. 

The designer (Dr Emily Weiss of Weiss Walkie) created it while working at an animal shelter so it would be easy for volunteers to use. She recommends that you not use these harnesses to give leash-jerk corrections. “It works best when we let the dog figure it out,” she says. “If we apply a correction, it makes it harder for him to figure it out.”

Stops Dogs From Pulling

The Love2Pet No Pull Leash is designed to quickly, comfortably, and humanely stop dogs from pulling. 

How Does The Love2Pet No Pull Leash Work?

  1. Clicks onto collar like a standard leash, bring metal ring to the top.
  2. Wrap leash around the dog's chest and place the leash handle through the metal ring.
  3. Gentle feedback encourages dog to stop pulling.

Comes in a two sizes. Large for dogs over 25lbs. Small for dogs under 25lbs. Proudly made in the USA.


One year limited manufacturer's warranty.

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