Why Every Kitchen Needs A Digital Scale

Posted by Edith Torres on 9th May 2017

Found a great article online about kitchen scales and their importance. Never thought of it this way but maybe that's why my cookies suck?Claire Lower May 8, 2017, 5:00pmIf there is one kitchen tool … read more

Got Hard Water?

Posted by Leon Rosen on 11th Jan 2015

Yep, it’s a fact that no matter where you live in the US, we all have some degree of “hard” water. What exactly is “hard” water vs. “soft” water anyway?Hard water is water that has high mineral con … read more

It never rains in Southern California...

Posted by Leon Rosen on 1st Dec 2014

Well, “they” (whoever they are) say it never rains in Southern California - but, when it does, you better watch out. So today, we are in our offices and the rain forecast was “heavy rains all day”. … read more

Ruff facts...

Posted by Leon Rosen on 1st Dec 2014

Over this past long Thanksgiving weekend, I finally had a chance to get caught up on some magazine reading material. In one of the magazines, I noticed a picture of a well known person (I won’t say … read more