How to Make Your Guest House Feel Like Home

How to Make Your Guest House Feel Like Home

Posted by SWE Inc on 16th May 2022

Having guests over is a lot of fun. Everyone who enjoys socializing likes a visit from friends or family now and then. And it’s the people close to us that make life so much easier. Providing our guests with the most comfort available should be the goal. We all want to be treated well when we are guests, so we should focus on doing the same for guests of our own. Nothing beats the feeling of a hearty "thank you" from your friends or relatives who thoroughly enjoyed their time with you. This is why it's crucial to make them feel at home as much as possible. Read on if you're wondering how to make your guest house feel like home. In this article, we will explore some of the best ways to make your guests feel as if they never left their homes.

Guest house floor plan

If you have a handy guest house for your visitors to stay in, you should put some effort into it. The floor plan is where it all begins. Before getting into the finer details, you should consider the guests' necessities. What would you want and/or require as a guest? What are some of the things you enjoy the most about being home? Try to think from the perspective of a guest who has just arrived from out of town with their family. To make them feel comfortable, try to provide them with:

● Living room

● At least one bedroom

● At least one bathroom

● Kitchen

● Storage room

The Living room

The best thing to do is think about what you enjoy doing in your living room. Everyone likes a comfy sofa and an armchair or two to kick back in. Once you do, enjoying a good movie or a TV show is a huge plus. Make sure your guests have plenty of comfortable seating space in the guest house living room. Supply them with a TV unit and an adequate sound system to boot.

The living room in your guest house should be comfortable enough to make your guests feel at home.

The living room should be cleared of clutter and have access to natural light, if at all possible. Having windows to allow fresh air in and a view of the outside is delightful. This is especially true during the summer days when it can get pretty hot. Speaking of the weather, a functioning air-conditioning unit would be a huge bonus. Being able to stay cool during the summer heat and warm when it's frosty outside is very important if you want to make your guest house feel like a second home.

The Bedroom

Your guests should feel comfortable once their day is at an end. The most important thing about the bedroom is, undoubtedly - the bed. Providing a comfortable bed for your guests is instrumental to their experience. Invest in high-quality bed frames and mattresses. Memory foam mattresses are also a great addition to the guest house bedroom. These can provide a good night's sleep for just about anyone. Moving companies, such as Evolution Moving Company DFW, can handle the relocation of large pieces, such as beds, so you don't have to worry about getting the mattress into the room.

It would be ideal, of course, if there were more than one bedroom at the disposal of your guests. If you have relatives visiting with their children, it can get cramped in a single bedroom. Sleeping on the living room couch is not the most comfortable way to rest. It doesn't evoke the feeling of sleeping in your own bed.

To make your guest house feel like home, make sure the bedroom has quality bedding with plenty of fresh sheets.

Ensure your guests have fresh linens and plenty of covers, especially during the winter months. The bedrooms should have adequate heating, especially if children are staying over. Each room should have a lock and key so that your guests can enjoy some privacy.

A wardrobe and a chest of drawers would also be handy, as they provide alternative in-house storage, allowing your guests to have more room for their belongings if they are staying for an extended period. Any additional in-house storage could be useful and, perhaps even necessary depending on the length of their stay.

The Kitchen

Having a kitchen of your own will make your guest house feel like home. Without this crucial room, it's easy to feel like you're just staying at a hotel. With access to a kitchen and being able to cook your own food at any time of the day or night, this changes. It would be best to provide your guests with a fully functioning kitchen.

The kitchen should contain all the essential appliances. While having a dishwasher unit may not be required, having a functioning stove, oven, fridge, freezer, and small appliances (microwave, toaster, kettle, etc.) is necessary. An interesting small instrument for those who like to enjoy a glass of wine is the Sommpour™, a handy wine decanter and aerator that improves the wine's flavor through oxidation while being poured into the glass!

The guest house kitchen doesn’t need to be huge, but having one that is fully equipped and functional is a major benefit.

Of course, you are not expected to invest thousands of dollars in chef-grade pots, pans, and knives. Supply your guest house kitchen with basic cooking utensils and some versatile ones, such as the Forge To Table 7-in-1 Kitchen Shears. A fully equipped and functional kitchen will undoubtedly make your guest house feel like a second home.

The Bathroom

Last but not least is the bathroom. The bathroom at your own house should be the place where you can get the most intimate things done. Taking care of your hygiene should be unobstructed. Giving your guests access to a private and fully equipped bathroom will surely make your guest house feel like they are home. For this reason, you should do all you can to provide the guest house with an adequate bathroom. There are ways to maximize space in a bathroom if it is not very large or if it's a secondary bathroom.

A clean, well-organized bathroom will make your guest house feel like home, even if it isn’t very spacious.

Ensure your guests have access to clean towels and all the necessary utensils. Have the toilet and all the drains properly cleaned with the help of products such as the BAAM!HP 2.0 High-Pressure Drain Cleaner/Blaster. Double-check if the water heating system is working properly and that the ventilation is functioning as it should.


Other amenities would improve the experience of the people who stay at your guest house. It may be a good idea to try and provide your guests with some of the following:

● Parking space/garage

● Internet access

● Leave some good reading material

● Stack the fridge with drinks and snacks for your guests

● Leave additional linens, towels, and drapes.

● Leave business cards of helpful service providers in the neighborhood.

How to make your guest house feel like home - conclusion

These were our tips and tricks on how to make your guest house feel like home. With this guide, your guest house will feel like a second home to anyone lucky enough to get an invite. Stick to our guidelines and guarantee your guests an unforgettable stay.