Best Housewarming Gift Ideas for Your Friends

Posted by SWE Inc on 30th Mar 2022

Housewarming gifts are vital for helping your friend settle into their new home. Thus, it is essential to get them something they will like and actually use. Sure, they will appreciate whatever you decide to get for them. However, gifting them something that is useful is going to be appreciated much more. The best of both worlds - something that is both thoughtful and practical - is always the best choice! In order to help you find the best gift for someone you hold dear, we have put together a list of the best housewarming gift ideas for your friends. We hope you find them helpful.

Personalized cutting board

Is your friend big into cooking? Then they will definitely appreciate a quality cutting board. And, if you feel like just a cutting board isn't enough, you can always pair it with a first-class knife set. A good food preparation kit is one of the must-haves in one's home and kitchen. It's a great gift for someone just getting ready to settle in their new place, and an even better one if that 'someone' is passionate about cooking. These days you can get cutting boards that are fully personalized, with anything from just their name to anything you like. So, don't shy away from customizing them for your friends. You can even get personalized knife sets to pair with the board if you decide to go in that direction.

If your friend is into cooking, they will definitely appreciate a good cutting board.

Drink tub

If your friend likes to party, why not get them a personalized drink tub? Even if they don't throw parties often, there are always family reunions, backyard BBQs or neighborhood cookouts. A drink tub is something they will use every time they organize a get-together or celebrate an important event. For all of these occasions, having a personalized drink tub will be a unique bit of flair they will bring, and they will remember that you got them this gift whenever it is used.

Finally, they may be simply the kind of person who enjoys a drink at the end of the day. And when you consider that they've probably had a tough few weeks of planning and executing a move, you can see how a drink tub may be just what they need. Of course, there are various ways you can assist them with their relocation because let's face it - the whole thing is incredibly daunting and physically challenging. And, your help with settling them in their new home alone may be the best housewarming they could've hoped for. But, imagine their surprise when, at the end of the exhausting moving day of dragging boxes and lifting furniture, you offer them a cold drink in their new customized drink tub.

Wine glass set

Following the same logic as the drink tub, a wine glass set always has a use when there is a reason to celebrate. And these can also be personalized. Customizable to have the recipient's name or other details, they’ll be sure to appreciate the gift whenever they celebrate something. And it's a gift that can come in handy for the housewarming party. Alternatively, if your friend isn't much of a wine person, you can always get a glass set for the drink of their choice. Coffee mugs, Glencairn whiskey glasses, shot glasses, so many options that they will enjoy using. This can also double as a moving away gift if the situation arises. So, don't be afraid to look at all of the options online before deciding what exactly you’ll get your friend.

A set of wine glasses is a good gift for any housewarming party. And today, you can even get them customized.

Wall-mounted bottle opener

A bottle opener is something that anyone is going to use eventually. And what better way to make your friend feel at home in their new house than getting them a combination sign and bottle opener. Wherever they decide to put it up, it will be both stylish and practical. In the kitchen, by the grill, in their workshop, you name it. And you can find them with personalization options. So, take the chance to order one personalized for your friend and make sure it’s a gift they won’t forget. We also recommend ordering this online since shopping online saves you money in the long run.

Corkscrew wine bottle opener

As we mentioned, the best housewarming gift ideas are practical ones. And when you go through a move, it’s just a fact that small things get lost. Pens, charging cords, flashlights, and bottle openers. So, why not get them a customized corkscrew wine bottle opener? In fact, they can replace their old one, even if they didn’t misplace it? And if they did lose it, it would be a shame to discover that at the housewarming party. Unless, of course, they have a brand new one they could use. To top it off, another great gift would be a wine aerator and dispenser.

A corkscrew wine bottle opener will always be useful, and it is a thoughtful housewarming gift.

Custom coaster set

One thing that will always come in handy is coasters. Whether they drink tea, coffee, or any drink at all, your friends will always have a use for coasters. So, consider getting them a set with a funny or heartwarming inscription and maybe some design they like. It’s a gift they will appreciate almost every day. Plus, it will be a good reminder of your friendship whenever they use it.

Best housewarming gift ideas for your friends - conclusion

Deciding on a housewarming gift can be extremely difficult. There are plenty of housewarming gift ideas out there. But only you can know what your friend likes and only you can make the best decision. However, it is essential to remember that housewarming gifts shouldn’t just be pretty. Instead, they should also be useful in your friend’s new home. By giving them something valuable, they will also remember the deed whenever they put your gift to use. So, don’t be shy about it and don’t spare any expenses on this gift. After all, buying a new home is no small thing. Thus, a housewarming party (and the gifts that come with it) are very important.