Moving away gifts people actually want

Posted by SWE Inc on 2nd Oct 2020

Do you know someone who has to move away soon? Make sure to be there for them - provide them with everything from moral and emotional support to helping with packing and moving. Give your friends or family members who are moving away some memorable moments and make them smile. It would also be a good idea to throw them a farewell party, to take some stress off their shoulders. This article will give you a few ideas about moving away gifts, which can be very practical and useful for anyone leaving their old home behind.

Relocation of someone’s life is not an easy task

Moving to another state is a complex task - it's not just about packing, transport, and unpacking belongings; it means relocating someone's whole life to a completely different place. Hiring professional and experienced movers for that matter may be necessary, and every recommendation will be helpful. Still, with all the help and services movers provide, there is a lot you alone can do to make the process easier and smoother.

Organizing a moving away party will reduce stress for your loved ones.

Moving away gifts that will make the process of relocation easier

If you are invited to (or are organizing) a moving away party, the same questions always arise: What should I buy? Which token of appreciation would be adequate? What will be useful to them? We will give you a few recommendations to pique your interest:

Useful moving away gifts

People planning the move will have to drive a lot: to gather packing supplies, to sort out all the documentation needed for the move, to finish all the obligations. Then, in a new city and a new home, the same awaits them: unpacking, getting to know a new neighborhood, getting food supplies, etc. Providing them with some help to stay organized in the form of a to-do list and a helping hand would be the best solution.

However, even with all the reminders and checklists, something essential can still slip their mind. It happens to all of us. For example, forgetting to charge our phone before coming out happens all the time. Luckily, there are handy gadgets and solutions which can be a great gift to someone moving away:

Universal backup battery power will be handy for the process of relocation, as well as later for travel. It can recharge a cellphone or other devices everywhere, so goodbye to running out of battery! It can bring a device back to full power very quickly. This practical product is easily rechargeable via USB, and it weighs less than 3 ounces, so it's easy to take anywhere.

Car and home multipurpose emergency tool - imagine a car charger with a safety hammer, belt cutter, alarm, torch, and red flashlight. The built-in battery in the power bank can be recharged by car and USB. What more could you want?

Everyone will agree - things like these are real lifesavers.

Practical gifts can be lifesavers.

Multifunctional moving away gifts - for use in the new home

We need things that make our days more manageable, and multifunctional products are the best in that category:

●A pair of quality multifunctional shears can be a great option. People moving away will have to deal with opening many taped boxes in their new home. These multi-practical scissors can also be used as a bottle opener (to celebrate the new chapter in life, in a new home, with a bottle of good wine). They also work as a screwdriver, or a tool to pry open a jar, or even for scaling fish and peeling vegetables. Their handle extensions can be used as bone and nutcrackers, so we are sure they will find them very useful in the new kitchen.

Anything multifunctional for the kitchen, bathroom, or any other room can be useful. This is especially true if it is a new technology that your friends or family didn't get yet. One handy thing that comes to mind for moving away to a new home is a high-pressure drain blaster and cleaner. It uses compressed air power to clean out even the toughest clogs in drains in mere seconds—no more toxic chemicals and no more calling the plumber. People you buy this for will be immensely grateful! It is safe for the whole family and environmentally friendly, so it is a brilliant solution, and you'll save someone's money in the long run.

●You can buy a smart home assistant, which allows voice-activated control of their home. Smart gadgets are always a good option since they make our days better and easier. We should strive to take advantage of modern technologies in this remarkable age in which we live. It is never too early to start with one of those smart bulbs or heating or security systems. Anything in that category can be an excellent gift for someone who is moving away.

Smart gadgets are a great choice for gifts to those who are moving away.

Buy something to relax your loved ones and make them smile

●A spa treatment/massage will help reduce the stress about moving.

●Depending on the season, you can buy them something like a cozy blanket, for example. It is a comfy and lovely gift, although there's a big chance that the person you are buying it for already has many of those. Think in that direction when choosing.

Something personalized is always a great choice. You can order pretty much anything custom made these days, so get creative.

●Try to make them something yourself. Putting your time and effort into creating a gift cannot go unnoticed, and it shows that you care.

In addition to all the practical stuff you can buy, anything thoughtful and personal that reflects how much you cherish and love them is recommendable. You can buy something useful and include a nice memento, like a photo album or personalized mug. It all depends on your taste and the interests of the person you are buying the gift for. You can never fail if going with practical presents, and those are the kinds of moving away gifts that people who are moving away actually need and want.