What You Need When Moving Out for the First Time

Posted by SWE Inc on 20th Sep 2021

Moving out for the first time is tricky, not because it is complex or expensive, but because you do not know what to expect. A lot of mistakes made during this period could have been easily avoided with the required forethought. Of course, this is hardly the mover's fault since they have never encountered anything like it! And while it is easy to focus on the large things such as appliances, furniture, all the documentation you need to bring along, and similar, it is the little things that slip away from you. Little things you might be surprised to learn you cannot properly function without. To help prevent this issue, we have put together a list of what you need when moving out for the first time!

Knickknacks and stationery

Now, the simplest way of explaining this particular entry is to imagine a desk drawer cluttered with little odds and ends. Scissors, a stapler, duct tape, spare batteries, a flashlight, etc. Such things might not seem like much at first. However, the first time you desperately need a pair of scissors yet can't find any, you will hate yourself for not remembering them! In addition to that, you should also make sure to pack or buy a couple of extension cords. You still do not know your new apartment well and can't be sure your appliances' cables can always reach the sockets. One final article we recommend is our Comfy Puppy Shoe Cushions. You will be walking a lot the first few days, and they will help immensely!

You do not want your feet to ache while you do all you can to get set up!

A good mattress

Note the entry says ‘mattress’, not 'bed'. The reason for this is simple: a good bed frame is expensive, bulky, and hard to transport immediately. A mattress, while still expensive, is much more easily managed. Besides, while it might not look perfect, with a blanket on it, it is perfectly fine if you just put the mattress on the floor and sleep like that. If you are a young working professional and just starting out, with most of your funds spent on the move, it can help you tide over the first period well enough.

Cleaning supplies

Cleaning supplies are an absolute must. You may tell yourself you can get them later. Do not do that. Messes pop up quickly and everywhere when moving, so make sure this is one of the first few things that go into your new apartment. And make sure to include one of our BAAM!HP High-Pressure Drain Blaster & Cleaners! Because if, in the moving frenzy, you try to throw something away into your toilet bowl and it gets stuck, you will be in serious trouble without one. And they are useful for a host of other things, too!

Deal with any clogs quickly and easily!

Cutlery and crockery

It is ridiculous how often people forget to bring along cutlery and crockery the first time they move. It is likely because they are always just there, and we can’t imagine missing them. Even if you are only moving locally and not far at all, and you can pop over at your old place or at your parent’s house to borrow some, a short distance doesn't exclude planning! At the very minimum, you should buy a couple of packs of disposable plates, cups, forks, and spoons.

Enough clothes to last at least a week

The sad reality of moving is that you might not be able to quickly get your hands on a washing machine. Particularly if you lack enough funds after your very first move. While it is admittedly an essential appliance, there are still others, more critical ones, like a stove. So, it is vital to have enough clothing to tide you over the initial period while you get one. Or until you locate the nearest launderette.

Trashcans, laundry baskets, and a drying rack

As bits of plastic-work that is essential to a home, we put these together. Trash cans are self-explanatory. You will have a lot of wrapping and packaging to throw away, and you should not leave it all over the place. Laundry baskets will be necessary to store your dirty clothes, particularly if you followed our previous advice. And nobody misses a drying rack until they don't have one, and it becomes apparent how much of a mess drying dishes make.

Storage bins

Until you've had time to organize everything and properly unbox your things, you will probably be living out of your suitcase or storage bins, as it were. So, get quality, easy-to-use storage bins. When buying them, keep in mind that you will likely be handling them and getting stuff out of them for at least a week. Alternatively, if you have too many things, give the nearest storage provider a call. According to simplifystorage.com, people who move are becoming frequent storage users. Sometimes, a self-storage facility is the best possible solution. Keeping a portion of things away from your new home might help reduce the mess you are dealing with at first.


Again, easily overlooked when moving out for the first time. At least until you go to the toilet and realize you have nothing to wash your hands with. Toothpaste, soap, toothbrush, and shampoo are the very minimum of what you will need! So, make sure you pack them away safely before your move and have them ready at hand when you arrive.

Basic kitchen equipment

It might seem cumbersome to pack skillets, pots, and pans. Regardless, if you forget to pack them, even if you quickly manage to create a perfect pantry, you will not be able to take advantage of it. Just imagine remembering to buy all the food ingredients for your celebration dinner. And then realizing you have nothing to cook it in.

Pet-caring equipment

If you have pets, then you must not forget to take proper care of them! Pet-grooming equipment might not seem like a top priority, but your lovable little buggers can get surprisingly dirty surprisingly quickly during a move. And irritable. Toys and such would help them calm down and feel at peace. You should also get Love2Pet Ultrasound Flea & Tick Shields for Dogs & Cats, particularly if you are moving to the countryside.

Keep your furry friends free of ticks and fleas, so their move is as comfy as possible!

Moving out for the first time explained

A lot of things to keep in mind, we know. Still, we hope that our list of what you need when moving out for the first time will help you keep a clear head and secure everything you need! Good luck, and we hope your move goes perfectly.