Things you need to have in your vacation home

Posted by SWE Inc on 30th Jul 2019

Things you need to have in your vacation home

We all love going on vacation. We dream about it all year long. And when the time for a well-deserved break finally comes, we get so excited that we underestimate the importance of preparation. We just want to get there as soon as possible and let our hair down. So, we go unprepared and later regret not having put more effort into planning the trip. Therefore, if you want to make your next vacation a pleasant, stress-free experience (which is the whole point of vacationing), you need to plan ahead. This includes making a list of things you need to have in your vacation home. Whether you own a vacation property or you are renting one, you won’t be staying in a hotel. This means that most everyday items aren’t supplied. We hope this checklist serves as a reminder of what to bring with you so you never go through the trouble of missing something important again.

Be careful how you pack

We have sorted out the things you need to have in your vacation home into categories, based on their purpose. First, determine what the things you don’t need to bring are, then, add the rest to your to-pack list. If you are taking breakable items, such as electronics or kitchenware, make sure they are protected during transport. Verified Movers can help you find a reliable moving company that sells quality packing and wrapping supplies. Once your belongings are safely packed, and you’ve gone through your checklist once again to make sure nothing is missing, you are ready to start the adventure you’ve been looking forward to for so long.

A vacation is the time to relax. Do not waste this time running around 

trying to find the things you forgot to bring.

Things you need to have in your vacation home


If you are renting a vacation property, make sure you ask beforehand what is available and what isn’t. Toiletries are some of the items most vacation rentals stock. However, they are typically of lower quality and they may not suit your skin/hair type. Pack travel-sized soap, shampoo, conditioner, and other hygiene products if you are planning a shorter stay. For a longer stay, purchase a bigger pack. Extreme temperatures and other unfavorable outdoor conditions can damage your skin, nails and hair, and vacationing means spending a lot of time outdoors. So, make sure you come prepared. For example, ladies can bring Nyce Nails and never worry about breakage and chipping.

Cleaning supplies

Since you are not staying at a hotel, you’ll need to do the cleaning yourself. If the nearest store is miles away, cleaning supplies are definitely some of the things you need to bring to your vacation home. We recommend packing an all-purpose cleaner, dish soap/dishwasher soap, and at least two sponges.

Bringing packable accessories and gadgets to your home away from 

home will make your vacation stress-free.

Pet supplies

If you decide to travel with your pets (and you should, especially if it’s a longer vacation), you must take their belongings, too. Some pets don’t feel comfortable in an unfamiliar environment, which is why you should bring as many familiar items as possible.

  • In addition to the food they normally eat, pet bowls for food and water are essential.
  • Your pet’s bed/pillow/blanket.
  • The toys your pet likes to play with.
  • If your pet needs regular grooming, packing a grooming tool is necessary.

Leisure time items

  • Board games and playing cards
  • Bicycles/skis/snowboards/jet skis…
  • Beach toys
  • Balls, frisbees
  • Floaties and pool toys

These are some of the things you need to have in your vacation home which can be stored there permanently. For example, if you own a beach house in California, long distance movers can relocate your items to CA once, so you don’t have to bring them with you each time you come. Ship your jet ski once and leave it there.

When packing for a trip, it is important to be practical and only bring the essentials.

Miscellaneous items

  • Medications and a first aid kit. Even if no one in your crew takes any medication on a regular basis, you need to bring the essentials.
  • Cutlery and dishware (unless you plan on eating out all the time). If you own a vacation home, these are also some of the items you can bring once and leave there.
  • Since you need to pack as lightly as possible, try to find convenient, multi-purpose items. A multi-functional LED flashlight and power bank is a perfect example. It is a flashlight and a car charger, but also serves as a window breaker and seat belt cutter. What a useful item to have in your car, right?
  • A portable rechargeable lamp, such as Superlight, can be a lifesaver in case of a power outage. It is also a great thing to have on camping trips, boat trips, car trips, in the backyard, etc.
  • A clogged drain can be a real pain in the neck. When on vacation, your time is precious. Don’t spend it searching for drain cleaning products or a guy to unclog your drain - you need a quick and easy solution. BAAM!HP High Pressure Drain Cleaner/Blaster is a small, handy device you should have at both homes.
  • It goes without saying that you need suitable clothes and shoes. But you also need towels - lots of towels if you are going to the seaside. Also, paper towels for the kitchen.
  • You can never have enough bags. Garbage bags, grocery bags, poop bags for your pets, sickness bags for the trip… they will all come in handy. If you care about the environment, reusable bags are the way to go.