How to Make a Perfect Living Space for Pets

Posted by SWE Inc on 10th Aug 2021

Pet owners will try to do anything to make their four-legged friends happy, healthy, and comfortable. That's why it is a good idea to invest some of your time and effort into organizing your new home and making it a safe and pet-friendly environment. So, whether you already own a pet or want to welcome a new furry friend to your family and your new home, make sure to keep reading. This article deals with how to make a perfect living space for pets and offers valuable tips you can use to succeed. Creating a perfect pet sanctuary doesn't have to be an impossible task. Here's how.

Ways how to make a pet-friendly home

Creating a home that is both stylish and pet-friendly is not an easy task. There are many things to consider, especially if you are just moving in. From preparing everyone in the family for the relocation through the moving day, to finally helping everyone, especially your pet, adjust to a completely new environment takes a lot of time and right preparation. Make sure you create a detailed to-do list, so you don't forget anything.

Then, for example, you can start packing a moving day bag for your pet, with all the necessities, such as poop bags, chew toys, travel feeders, blankets, and food.

After the move, you should dedicate some time to their emotional needs and ensure you are there for all the cuddles. Some pets might accept the new environment in a surprisingly good way, while others might start to get shy and hide. Be there to reassure them that they are with you and they are safe. Here are the things you can do to make your home a pet-friendly place that is dangerous hazards-free:

●choose pet-friendly furniture (avoid white materials)

●hardwood flooring

●move dangerous hazards to a safe place, such as medications

●store fragile and worthy items

●purchase a good vacuum cleaner

●hide the electrical cables

●get trash cans with lids

●create a play space

●designate a sleeping space

One of the first things you have to choose when designing a new home is furniture. When you have pets, be on the lookout for the color of your furniture, cushions, and curtains. It is essential to avoid white or light colors.

Be sure to avoid vulnerable materials for your furniture.

Choosing a stain-resistant fabric for your furniture pieces will go a long way if you have a pet or kids. On the other hand, if this isn't your cup of tea, consider purchasing pet furniture covers, which are easy to wash if you have stains or unpleasant odors.

Hardwood flooring

Hardwood flooring is an excellent and easy-to-clean investment. If you are tempted to buy a rug or a carpet, you risk accumulating bacteria and hair. Also, these definitely wouldn't be spotless, so think of all the times you need to scrub the rug that cost you a fortune.

How to create a perfect living space for your pets is by investing in hardwood flooring.

Have a safe space for dangerous hazards

Many of the things that are safe for humans can be extremely dangerous for animals. That is why you want to keep your medications and vitamins out of reach. Instead, you can keep them in your pantry, in an organizer behind the door, or in the bathroom.

The same goes for toxic plants or foods. When it comes to plants, there are a variety of safe options to choose from. As far as human food is concerned, it's worth remembering that our pets can't handle the majority of it. That's why regular foods we have around the house, such as chocolate, grapes, or avocadoes, must be kept out of reach.

Invest in a good vacuum cleaner

According to the relocation specialist from SOS Moving, people who own pets tend to invest in high-quality vacuum cleaners for their new homes. If you own a pet that sheds a lot, you will probably need to vacuum multiple times a week to keep your home clean. A clean and safe space goes a long way when it comes to creating a perfect living space for pets.

Another good habit is to brush your pet outside the house to lessen the amount of dead hair inside. And make sure to use the best pet brush in the market.

Hide electrical cables

You also want to make your pet safe by making electrical cords inaccessible for them. For example, rabbits are particularly fond of chewing all sorts of things that can be extremely dangerous, including wires.

One of the ways to ensure safety is to hide the trailing wires behind your furniture.

The best way to check your home for hazardous objects is to see them from your pet's perspective. So, get down on all fours and check each room.

Trash cans with lids

Needless to say, that trash cans are always full of dirt, harmful chemicals, old food, and undigestible items. Buying trash cans with lids will stop your pet from getting into the trash and getting potentially harmed.

Having a play space is one way of how to make a perfect living space for your pets

Playing is important in your pet's life. A good way to avoid mess or breakage is to create a space your pet knows is for play. It would be best to keep their toys neatly organized in this area, and they should be easily accessible. This way, they can fulfill their need for physical exercise without making your house a mess.

Create a sleeping space

Dogs spend around 50% of their day sleeping, so it is important to invest in a comfortable bed that fits your pet. Choose a bed of high-quality material and create a space for your furry friend to relax and unwind after a long day of play.

Final thoughts on how to make a perfect living space for pets

Pet-friendly interiors are all about keeping them as tidy as possible while allowing your pet the freedom for physical exercise, play, and the comfort of sleep. Having your pet adjust to your new home can seem like hard work, but it's manageable. Make sure you follow some of our guidelines on making a perfect living space for pets to ease the transition for your fluffy friend.