Must-have organizing products for your new home

Posted by SWE Inc on 16th Jun 2020

All those who are about to move to their new home are looking forward to a clutter-free environment. These are great opportunities for a fresh start and giving your home a makeover. And also, to organize your space most effectively and practically. Hence the need for organizing products that are not only easy to find but also quite affordable. Here comes our list of must-have items that will make your everyday life easier and your home tidy and attractive.

Rail Organizer with Hooks

A rail with hooks for various cooking utensils is a great help in organizing your kitchen and freeing your drawers. It is an elegant solution for small kitchens as it uses wall space that is often underutilized. It is easy to show off your cooking skills when all utensils are within reach. The multiuse rail with hooks is also good for holding cups, bags, or towels.

Mop and Broom Holders

A mop and broom holder is among the must-have space-saving gadgets for small apartments. This organizer can be mounted on the wall, behind the doors, or even on the inside of the closet doors. It is designed to hold handles of different thickness and thus perfect for mops, garage or gardening tools, and even not-too-heavy sports equipment. You will never get buried under the stack of mops again!

Wicker Storage Boxes

Storage baskets are an excellent way to organize and decorate your shelves. Most of these elegant wicker boxes are foldable, which makes them easy to stack and store when they are not in use. The boxes can even serve as moving boxes, keeping their original contents. You would only need to wrap them tightly before Number 1 Movers load them into the van. The best thing about wicker storage boxes is that you can use them to store everything from linen to magazines.

Pantry and Spice Organizers

It is easier to be a good chef with an organized pantry - revolving spice rack towers and 3-tier spice cabinet organizers make sure of that. The revolving racks are an excellent way to save space, but also store and access seasonings you most regularly use. The 3-tier shelves make the jars in the back of the cabinet easily visible and your whole pantry better organized.

Reusable Shopping Bags

Reusable bags nowadays have become multipurpose items intended to ease everyday life. Items such as CarryMore Reusable Shopping Bags can serve as laundry bags, shopping bags, travel bags, and bags for kids' necessities. These organizing products are often made from durable materials, making them perfect for families with kids.

Drawer Dividers

There are hardly more useful and more simple organizing products than drawer dividers. Coming in different sizes and made from different materials, they all share one trait: they make the most useful compartments depending on your specific needs.

They can be used in the kitchen to organize your cutlery, in the bathroom to arrange your make-up, your home office desk, or the kids' desk drawers. They are also perfect for your bedroom closet drawers, organizing your garments, towels, or linens. Some of these dividers are adjustable and extendable and come with a little lever. They are meant to fit every drawer and you can even stack them if you have deep drawers.

Bottle Racks

While most people use these elegant products for wine, bottle racks are versatile and today they can hold a variety of bottles in your storage. They can store water bottles for your family's daily use or even organize cleaning chemicals, hair products, or cans. If you prefer showing off your wine and liquor collection, you can choose from stackable countertop holders to refined wall-mounted designs.

Plastic Drawer Cabinets

These cabinets are nothing else but shelves with transparent or semi-transparent plastic drawers. As such, they are excellent organizers for families with children, always struggling for extra space for toys and kids' necessities. You can keep your storage organized and tidy whether you use it for toys, garage tools and hardware, or crafts.

Under Sink Expandable Storage Rack

Perhaps the most underutilized and disorganized space is under the kitchen and bathroom sinks. This is where the expandable storage racks come into focus. They are very simple in design, consisting of a few legs and extendable shelves that can effortlessly adjust around the plumbing. You can easily change the height and width of these racks to best suit your under-sink cabinet and supplies. Moreover, they are light but sturdy enough to bear the weight of all your cleaning chemicals. They also have a non-slip surface.

Hanging Organizers

Hanging organizers come in a multitude of shapes and sizes and are truly lifesavers when it comes to home organizing products. Items such as Love2Organize Hanging Organizer can be used for storing wrapping and crafts supplies, sewing table accessories, school supplies, and jewelry. Similar hanging products can serve as shoe racks or pantry organizers with their numerous transparent pockets. They come with special hooks so you can easily place them over the doors or with hangers perfect for closets. A variety of shapes and sizes allows you to vertically store your bags, hats, and other important accessories.

Key Cabinets

This convenient cabinet will help you find your keys whenever you need them. Your family will greatly benefit from clearly labeled and neatly organized keys. You can easily mount your key cabinet on the wall. Most of these sturdy organizing cabinets come with a combination lock. Thus, aside from convenience, they provide optimal security.

A few bonus tips

Always measure the depth, length, and width of your drawers and closets before you purchase organizing products. This way you will save money and make sure the dividers and storage boxes perfectly fit. Even if you love organizing, do not purchase too many bins and organizers. The whole point of organizing is finding a place for everything.