Helping your dog explore your new neighborhood

Posted by SWE Inc on 17th Jan 2022

As any pet owner worth his salt will tell you, dogs are creatures of habit. They like the known, the familiar. While we can rationally understand why we are moving to a new neighborhood, it can be an anxiety-inducing affair for them. They may as well have moved to a different continent. Thus, although there are a million and one different things to handle during and after The Move TM, thinking about your furry buddy should be on your list. Even packing your items and the preparation phase sets off alarm bells in their heads. They associate it with you going somewhere and them being left alone. They need to be a part of your plans from the get-go. In case you are at a loss as to what to do to help your canine buddy adjust better, here is our guide to helping your dog explore your new neighborhood.


You will be taking your pet for regular walks, but timing is essential here. The first day is chaotic and hectic, frantic and frenetic, fast and furious... I seem to have run out of synonyms and have reverted to using movie titles instead! In any case, the first day is a mess, just like your new living room with all those stacked packed boxes. Still, make sure to find a gap in the schedule. The gap necessary for one simple reason - letting your pet get to know the new place. New smells, new neighbors, and new animals. All must be explored.

Word of warning, maybe you were lucky in your old neighborhood, and it was filled to the brim with dog lovers. That might not be the case here. Refresh your pet's knowledge on the finer points of dog manners and etiquette because, as we all know, first impressions matter. Using a no-pull leash, you can avoid having a tug of war with your nervous chum, allowing them to better get acquainted with the surroundings.

Taking in all the new scenes can take it out of you

Climate Change

That's a cheeky buzzword haphazardly thrown in there just to garner the attention of the casual reader. It's not happenstance that I chose these words. If you are moving two blocks, your buddy will not need much in the way of adjustment. However, if you are traveling a substantial distance, the weather does come into play.

Is your dog accustomed to sunshine or cooler temperatures? How will they react to high humidity? Air conditioners help regulate things inside, but there are winter jackets for dogs when it is snowing outside. Likewise, more regular haircuts could be in order if you are moving to a warmer climate. A pair of snip 'n clip pet grooming scissors will allow you to do this from the comfort of your own home.

It's not just the weather that changes. Maybe you are moving to a part of the city where fleas and ticks are prevalent? Purchasing a flea and tick shield will help with that. It's nice you packed your sunglasses, but make sure your cuddly companion is ready for all the changes too.

Make sure your cute chum stays warm during those winter days

Helping Your Dog Explore Your New Neighborhood Through Play Dates

Many articles pertain to the troubles humans have with making new friends when they move into a new neighborhood. The same issues affect pets. If they make new friends in the new neighborhood, it will help them transition better. They, too, need entertainment, just like we do, and can feel loneliness. Arranging a play date with the next-door neighbor's lab could be a winning recipe.

For the most part, everything you are experiencing, they are experiencing too. If there are friendly dogs in the area, target this section during your walks. They might just hit it off! If there are no options available for the transition period itself, call friends and family to come with their beloved critters and make a day of it. Something new and exciting will help your dog decompress, so to say.

No Visitors

It's not as awful as it may sound. We are not saying to erect warning signs on the front yard and cordon off the front door from the rest of the neighborhood. Rather, try to keep the changes to a minimum. This is more of an indirect method of helping your dog adjust, but it is just as important. The great outdoors is a scary prospect for the time being. The indoors are relatively new too. The guys from Hansen Bros. Moving & Storage have just moved all your stuff in, but it's still boxed, and the rooms are unfamiliar. Hence, introducing more new elements to the equation could be problematic.

There will be time for them to meet the new neighbors (of the human variety). For now, focus on your dog exploring the new neighborhood, and when it feels comfortable with its new surroundings, it's time to let new faces enter the family home.

That's All Well and Good, But How Do I Get My Pet to the New Neighborhood?

We mentioned that you need to think about your pet every step of the way. The relocation itself can be a tricky business. While professional movers can handle pretty much anything regarding possessions, live animals are a whole different can of beans. In most cases, it is advisable they travel with you.

Pets need something familiar; they need that sense of security. Of course, some moving companies offer specialized services just for these cases. Still, if you decide to go it alone, do not worry; moving with pets is not as hard as it may seem. There are plenty of tips on how to do this that you can apply to make the relocation as stress-free as possible.

The process of helping your dog explore your new neighborhood begins as far back as the packing stage, so make sure you do everything right

Home Sweet Home

Adjustment periods are normal; they are an integral part of the move. Do not be in low spirits if your dog initially seems worried or stressed. It's all a process. You need to be patient and help them through it all. Make time for them and their needs and keep an eye on how they are doing. Once the adjustment period is over, they will be wagging their tails again in no time! As a bonus, helping your dog explore your new neighborhood will also help you familiarize yourself with it. Furthermore, meeting other neighbors with pets could be an excellent way for you to meet new people too.