Gadgets and tools that will make your life easier

Posted by SWE Inc on 19th Jul 2019

Our house is a place where we spend a lot of time during our lives. Naturally, many things change over the years. However, our home maintenance routine often remains the same. We tend to make the same mistakes and practice some bad habits in our day-to-day lives. Sometimes, we are too stubborn to try some new products because we are fed up with the commercials promising quick, hassle-free solutions that we know are impossible. But, maybe we should be more open to the novelties since there are some gadgets and tools that will make your life easier if you try them.

Some gadgets can make your life easier every day, not only in cases of emergency!

Superlight is a special lightbulb. Actually, it is a lamp that consists of two fluorescent tubes. If you are trying to lower your electricity bills, you should do so by using this gadget. Superlight is a portable fluorescent light that saves a lot of energy. It does so by using the energy from the rechargeable batteries. Moreover, the batteries are built-in, so there is no need to go and buy them somewhere else or search for the right type for your device. Once you buy Superlight, you should charge it overnight, unplug it in the morning and after that, it is ready to be used.

If you buy Superlight only to serve you as an emergency light, you should leave it plugged in after the first charging. Of course, you get two nails and a built-in mounting bracket so that you can easily install your new lamp. When the power goes out, your light will go on and illuminate the part of the house where you plugged it.

Quite often, we do not use all the advantages of the gadgets we buy.

But, why should you stop there?

Superlight is so much more than just an emergency light source. You can take it wherever you want and use it whenever you feel like it. It has 40 watts of fluorescent power which is enough to cast the light for hours. Being cordless, it is easily transferable from room to room, and it can be handy wherever you decide to use it. A responsible driver should have Superlight in his or her car at all time. It is also good to take it with you on camping trips. Due to its popup handle, the product is easily portable.

Having a gadget such as Superlight during renovations can be priceless. If you have electricity issues or your electrician just cannot finish his job as quickly as you imagined he would, there is no need for you to wait in the dark. Switch on your Superlight and continue with your renovation or moving activities. If you are planning to move soon, go to and you will find professionals who will help you move in no time.

We need to be more protective of our environment, and reusable products help us do that

We have been taking from Mother Nature for so long, and now is the time to start giving back. If we cannot do that, what we can do is - not take as much as we used to. Luckily, we are becoming more aware of our bad impact and finally, we are taking steps to improve the situation. Reusing means saving! That is why reusable bags help us save our money and our nature. It is a win-win!

Recycling means saving!

Have you ever counted the number of plastic bags that you use and throw away within a day, week or month? The number would probably be shocking. But, if you had a bag or more of them that you could use for all purposes, you would surely use it/them all the time. Luckily, the solution exists and it is called CarryMore Reusable Shopping Bag. These amazing bags can be used for:

  • groceries - make your life easier by always having a reusable bag ready
  • garden supplies
  • laundry
  • library books
  • you name it, CarryMore can carry it

CarryMore reusable shopping bags are sold in pairs. With them, you also get four sturdy clips to help you secure the totes inside the shopping cart, while two outside pockets give you a safe spot to tuck your keys or phone when you're packing up your groceries and loading them into your car. These bags are engineered for ultimate durability. Each of the bags can carry up to 40+ lbs. When it comes to color options, there are many combinations to choose from. That makes this useful gadget not only practical but more appealing to the eye, too.

Make your life easier by losing the cables wherever you can

Have you heard of the AutoChron Programmable Wall Switch Timer? It helps you control the lights or other devices - for example, ceiling fans in your home that don't plug into the wall but are controlled by a toggle wall switch. It is fully programmable - you can set it to turn lights off at the same time each day, or adjust it differently for different days - or even different times on the same day.

If you ever desired to have a gadget that would vary on/off times so that no one can tell whether you are home or away, now you can have it! Isn't that going to make your life easier when you travel? Just as important, the AutoChron doesn't stop working in cases of a power outage, it continues to operate as you set it when the electricity comes back. You will save up on electrician bills since with AutoChron you can have total control over your overhead lights without hiring a professional! You can use it to control:

  • ceiling fans and overhead/recessed lights,
  • pools,
  • spas,
  • holiday lighting,
  • outdoor lights,
  • heating systems, etc.

AutoChron can make your life easier if you program it to vary on/off times.

Having the practical tools at hand can save you a lot of energy and nerves

Even if you are not a professional handyman, there are some tools that you just have to have at your home. Those do not even have to be expensive, but it often happens that they can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars. The BAAM is such a product! It is a high-pressure drain blaster and cleaner that can make your life easier if you use it when necessary in your kitchen and bathroom.