Five gadgets to help you move

Posted by SWE Inc on 8th Apr 2019

We all know just how stressful and tiring packing and moving can be . But you can make it more fun and less stressful. How on earth could so much work be done without stress, you ask. Well, besides early planning and making sure all your organizational skills are on, there are some other things that might prove helpful. Think about hiring professionals to give you a hand or two. And finally, there are gadgets to help you move . Yes, there are all sorts of apps and gadgets that can be of great assistance once you start getting ready to move. Whether it’s to help you plan, pack, move or unpack, here are five useful tools for you to use while moving.

Programmable wall switch timer is there even if you are not

How could a Wall Switch Timer help me move – is something you ought to be wondering right about now. And do trust us when we say that a home timer makes any household chore simpler and less stressful. All you need are two AA alkaline batteries and it’s good to go! During your moving days and after they are over and your unpacking and settling period comes, you might feel like you’re all over the place, always forgetting things. No worries, though, because a fully programmable wall switch timer installs in seconds over any toggle wall switch cover and you can set it to turn lights off at the same time each day, different times on different days - or even different times on the same day. So even when moving across the state to another time zone, you won’t have to worry about forgetting to turn the lights off every night.

"One of the most useful gadgets to help you move is definitely a reusable shopping bag"

Reusable bags will be one of the most useful gadgets to help you move

Yes, cardboard boxes are moving essentials. But there are ways to relocate your belongings that are a bit more practical. Reusable shopping bags . That’s right, using this type of tool will make moving a lot easier and they will prove to be especially handy while you try to prepare your clothes for your moving day .They come in different colors and have all sorts of very useful pockets to tuck in your keys or phone or whatever small item you must always have by your side while moving. And not to mention reusable means ecological – it will enable you not to use any plastic bags during your relocation. This might be one of the perfect gadgets to help you move. It is safe, useful and reusable, all-in-one.

Portable and rechargeable lamp – a must-have of every household

There are some gadgets to help you move which are useful in all sorts of life emergencies . And you should make sure you always have them as a part of your household. And a portable lamp is just the type of gadget to help you around while preparing your new home for moving in. You can use it anywhere:

  • in the laundry room
  • under the kitchen sink
  • in the dark basement of your new house

You’ll notice just how much you needed a tool like this the moment you start using it! Setting up your new home for moving in will be a whole lot easier with a cordless light source that you can use just about anywhere.

High-pressure drain cleaner to use both when moving out and moving in

A clogged drain is a nightmare, there’s no secret about it. Whether you are moving out and need to get your drain cleaned promptly before you leave , or you are moving in and have clogged drain issues in your new home, dealing with something as nasty as food clogs, paper clogs, even hair clogs is a real pain in the neck. But you can avoid all drain-related trouble by using a device such as high-pressure drain cleaner as one of the gadgets to help you move. This one can save you literally hundreds of dollars as you may never use the services of a plumber again.

"Your drains will never be clogged again if you get yourself a high-pressure drain cleaner"

Moving with pets? You’ll need to take special care of them

Clearly, you chose to relocate, but your pet has no say in it whatsoever. Nor are you able to explain it to your precious animal. The least you can do is make it all easier for them by using a gadget such as a foldable pet house that you can take anywhere your pet goes. You can introduce it to your dog before you start moving, and simply fold and unfold it in your new home. Your pet will find it easier to adjust because your new home will have a familiar item.

"Your pet will know how to appreciate your effort to help it adjust to your new home"

So, if you are wondering whether moving needs to be difficult and stressful, the answer is – probably yes. But just how stressful it is going to be is entirely up to you. Use any tool and gadget available to make those tiresome moving days and settling period easier. Some, if not all of them, will keep being useful household tools even after you start living in your new home. So, do not hesitate to buy these small gadgets to help you move, it’s going to be money well-spent .