​Best gadgets to help you work out and make exercise fun

Posted by SWE Inc on 16th Jul 2020

Fitness motivation is probably one of the biggest challenges nowadays. Luckily, some things can help you feel better during your exercise sessions and make the workouts much easier. Technology has developed a lot in the last couple of years and the fitness field has not been left out. We’ve made a list for all those fitness junkies out there – but also those who need to stay motivated to continue exercising. Here are the best gadgets to help you work out and make exercise fun. Using these will ensure an interesting and easier fitness routine and help you stay fit and healthy.

Stay hydrated with a special water bottle

Before you even start exercising, you need to make sure your body is hydrated enough to sustain that kind of pressure. However, keeping hydration levels optimal is a challenge for most people. If you have a problem with remembering to drink water regularly but do it only when you feel thirsty – there’s a great gadget for you. A smart water cup seems like a regular water bottle. It’s BPA-free, and it can’t leak – but that’s not the greatest thing about it. The cup comes with a smart system and a mobile app. It tracks the water level in the cup and measures your hydration habits. And once you forget to drink, it reminds you by vibrating and sending notifications. If you feel like you’re doing fine with keeping your hydration levels, gadgets like these are also the best gift for nerds and geeks around you. A birthday present everyone will love!

Replace your regular water bottle with one of that has a smart hydration tracker!

Sleep is the foundation of high-quality fitness routine

Another basic condition for having a good, regular workout is sleep. Nowadays, people seem to have a lot of problems regarding their sleeping schedule – due to all the stress, technology, work, and other factors. Luckily, there’s a gadget to help you work out and regulate your sleep pattern. The iFit Sleep Tracker will monitor your sleeping pattern, your breathing and heart rate, and use an alarm system to help you wake up at the perfect time.

Smart dumbbells

Another item on our list of the best gadgets to help you work out and make exercise fun is smart dumbbells. The first thing you’ll love about them is how easy they are to use. Instead of using an entire rack of dumbbells, only one piece will do the work since you can change the discs of various weights. Another amazing thing about this gadget is the ability to track your fitness progress. Using Bluetooth connection, you can connect the gadget to your phone and see the number of reps, track your progress to reach a previously set goal, etc. It makes exercise a lot more fun and easy, and even more effective.

Apart from dumbbells, people love doing exercises with kettlebells. However, exercising with kettlebells should be done properly, so make sure you read and learn everything about it. Also, we recommend contacting a pro to help you out. This way you will be sure you’re doing the exercises in the best way and not risking your health.

Fitness clothes can also be one of the best gadgets to help you work out and make exercise fun

If you feel like carrying gadgets is bothersome – try wearing them! You pick from shorts, shirts, leggings, and all of these come with sensors that recognize your fitness session and collect data. Using Bluetooth, you can see the stats on your phone.

Using gadgets to help you work out and make exercise fun should be done wisely - pick them according to your needs and fitness routine.

There is another excellent solution if you don't want to carry items during or in-between your workouts. We recommend CarryMore reusable bags for various purposes – grocery shopping, fitness equipment, etc. They are affordable, durable, and easy to use, not to mention great for the environment.

Smart rope

As CrossFit is becoming increasingly popular, people are looking for the best gadgets that will help them enjoy this activity. One of these is a Smart Rope. Jumping ropes are amazing for cardio exercises and now they have been perfected to make your workout even more effective and fun. As you’re jumping, you can also see the stats about your workout and keep track of your progress. The smart rope uses a mobile app that connects it to your phone, so you can store up to 100 sessions and count the calorie burn rate and the time of your exercise. To make the workout even more fun, you can unlock rewards as you jump, and even challenge your friends to do the same!

Smart Shoes

Apart from smart clothes, you can also wear smart shoes for your training and improve your fitness routine. All the fitness lovers will adore these self-tightening shoes that help you focus on the workout, and not worry about re-lacing and tightening them. Furthermore, smart shoes will help you exercise in winter months, too – they heat your feet and also keep track of the calories burned and miles run. And to make sure that your shoes are even more comfortable and feel blister-free, try out Comfy Shoe Cushions/Pads and enjoy your next run. While you are at it, if you feel your shoes are too tight, use shoe stretchers to add width and length to your shoes.

You can now run and keep track of your progress - setting goals will make exercising a lot more meaningful.

The modern age gives us numerous ways to improve our daily life, including our fitness routines. You can easily find gadgets to help you work out and make exercise fun. Also, they help you stay aware of your capabilities and see the ways in which the fitness routine you have implemented affects your health. These are all important factors that make modern life, filled with stress and obligations, much easier and healthier.