Apartment living with pets - how to make it work

Posted by SWE Inc on 28th Aug 2019

Having a pet while living in an apartment without a backyard can seem a bit difficult, for some even impossible. However, if your pet brings you joy after you come home tired after work – you should definitely consider the ways to make apartment living with pets possible and enjoyable. Even though it takes a bit of extra work, the reward you get is amazing – your furry best friend will live a happy life and wait for you to come home every day. Here are some tips on how to stay organized and keep the apartment clean when living with a pet.

It's definitely possible to make apartment living with pets work - if you are patient and organized.

How to organize your day with a pet and pick the  right living space

Having a pet, especially a dog or a cat, can be demanding if you are living in an apartment. It’s a great responsibility and if you don’t have a pet yet, be sure to ask yourself – can you do it? First of all, you need to have enough time after work so you can take care of a pet. So, if you are working for more than 10-12 hours a day – maybe having a pet is not a great idea. Be sure to wait until you have more free time to spend with a furry friend.

Choose the right apartment

When you start browsing apartments, be sure to narrow your search to pet-friendly buildings. No matter how big or small your pet is, many buildings have very strict rules when it comes to living with an animal. So, to avoid unnecessary arguments, additional fines and getting kicked out – choose an apartment that allows having a furry friend inside.

Think about the floor, too – it’s best to take a first-floor apartment, so your cat and dog can come outside frequently. If that’s not possible, take an apartment with a balcony, so you can use an outside potty.

Present yourself as a good pet-owner

To get a good pet-friendly apartment, make sure that landlords likes you and your pet. This means you need to convince them that you are a responsible pet owner who takes care of the living space carefully. Furthermore, get some proof that your pet (especially dog) is trained and well-behaved . This can be a training school certificate or vet’s recommendation.

Create house rules

In order to manage apartment living with pets, you need to set some ground rules and make sure both you and your pet follow them. This means that your pet should have its own sleeping and eating place, for example. Consider buying a pet box or bed, and some nice pet bowls – consider those that are easy to clean and not too heavy to damage the floors.

Spend time with your pet

To make sure your pet doesn’t feel lonely while you are working or studying, be sure to spend some quality time with your pet while you’re home. One way to do it is by doing some house chores together, or going shopping with your pet, particularly dog.

If you spend enough free time with your pet, it won't be sad when waiting for you to come home from work.

Get out of the city

Taking your dog for a walk in the city means it can’t always run and play freely. Use your days off for a fun day away from the city’s streets and cars – visit a lake, mountain or river nearby . You can even go camping – just be sure to have the right equipment, like SuperLight Portable Lamp , and Love2Pet No Pull Leash for your dog. It’s important to keep your dog active outside since they spend a lot of inactive time in the apartment.

How to keep the space clean and safe when apartment living with pets

Moving into a new apartment is great – everything is clean and ready for new memories. However, apartment living with pets requires extra work when it comes to maintaining the place. Here are the ways to keep the apartment clean and neat:

  • Save the floors – floors are the first to get damaged because of the food and water pets carry around and scratches from their nails. Protect the floors with some carpets and mats, but also keep your pets’ nails short.
  • Protect the furniture – pet hair is difficult to take off of sofas and chairs. Be sure to use Love2Pet Furniture Cover which can be easily washed and protect your sofa from stains, hair, and spills.
  • Clean the drains thoroughly – washing your pet involves a lot of hair stuck in the drains. Be sure to clean the drains regularly with a tool like BAAM!HP High-Pressure Drain Blaster & Cleaner .
  • Take good care of your pet’s hygiene and health – it’s important to keep your pet clean by regular washes, vaccination, and sprayings.
  • Remove all fragile items – pets tend to break, scratch and rip things, especially when they are little. So, protect your valuables. For example, move paintings and other artwork to a storage unit or assign a room where pets aren’t allowed.

To make apartment living with pets bearable, protect your furniture and keep the space clean.

Moving with a pet - it’s easy!

When moving with a pet, you want to focus on your pet’s adaptation to the new environment. So, to have more time for that, let a professional handle your relocation. Hire an experienced moving company like jpurbanmoving.com so you can spend more time with your pet. Also, it’s a good thing to keep your pet away on the moving day since strangers carrying furniture can make your pet very nervous and afraid.

Let your pet adapt

A new environment can have a huge impact on your pet. It can be scared, confused or even depressed for days. Be sure to help your pet familiarize with your new apartment, and bring its old bed, toys and food bowls to make the process easier. You can definitely make apartment living with pets work, you just need to stay organized and patient – and you will enjoy your new home in no time.