​10 Smart gadgets and apps that make packing and remodeling easier

Posted by SWE Inc on 15th Apr 2019

Are you about to remodel your home? Trust us when we tell you this - saying that this won’t be simple is an understatement. If you’re doing a big makeover of your home, you may also have to pack up and move to some kind of temporary housing. While all of this is an ordeal, remember - in the end, it’ll all be worth it. Don’t worry, though - we live in a golden age of technology, so why not make use of it? These days, there are plenty of gadgets and apps that can make the process of packing and remodeling easier. And with that in mind, we’ve prepared a few recommendations!

Cleaning Your Home Thoroughly

Let’s face it - preparing for packing and remodeling isn’t an easy process you’re about to go through. You won’t be doing this often, so try to make use of it as much as possible. So, when you’re cleaning your home before packing and remodeling - do it thoroughly. And sure - this includes doing pesky things like cleaning your drains. But instead of using toxic chemicals or hiring expensive handymen to do it for you, we recommend finding a quality high-pressure drain cleaner. With a much smaller investment, you can keep your drains clean with barely a minute of work.

The Baam Drain Cleaner will make this menial task quick and painless!

Packing for the 21st Century

If you’re going to pack up for the relocation or remodel of your home - this can be a very tedious process. Sure, it’s one thing to pack for a vacation, but when you’re packing up most of your household, that’s a whole other level. That’s why you may want to ask for some assistance when packing - and install a few useful apps.

For example, we recommend using an app like PackPoint to make everything easier. This app is available for both iOS devices and Android phones - and it’s incredibly handy. After you input some information about your type of trip and destination, it’ll create a custom packing list of the things you must not forget. For people who have to pack a lot of items - it’s a lifesaver.

Utilize smart gadgets and apps to make packing a breeze!

Make Your Home Smarter While Remodeling

While you’re packing and remodeling, your priorities are clear. You want to use this opportunity not only to improve the aesthetic of your home but also to make any significant repairs. However - while you’re at it, why wouldn’t you improve the functionality of your home as well? As you’ll soon see, there are many incredibly useful gadgets that can truly make your household a home from the future. For example - you can use a programmable wall switch to put any electronic device in your household on a custom timer! You won’t have to bother with switching your lights, TV, or even ceiling fans on and off ever again.

Creating a Floorplan

Speaking of packing and remodeling - what’s the most important thing while you’re doing something so complicated? Precisely - staying organized. If you make a good plan early on, you’ll have no trouble handling all the tasks that come with remodeling. And did you know that there’s no need to hire a professional to make a floorplan? With the right app, you can do it all on your own. For example - MagicPlan will easily make a floorplan for you, just from the pictures you take of the household.

Moving Things Around Handily

When you go through packing and remodeling, obviously - you’ll have to move a lot of things around. Especially if you don’t put your entire household into temporary storage, you’ll constantly be carrying things from one area to another. Here’s a pro tip - don’t use cardboard boxes for this. When it comes to carrying things across smaller distances, you want to use something less unwieldy. For example, you can utilize reusable shopping bags to carry all of this around. If you choose quality ones like CarryMore, you’ll have an easy way of moving a ton of things - plus you can actually use them for shopping in normal circumstances.

Call a Professional When You Need One

Most of the items on our list help you do a packing or remodeling related task on your own. However, realistically speaking - you’re bound to run into something that gives you a particularly hard time. And that’s when you definitely need to call in a professional. And with an app like Handy, that becomes as easy as calling an Uber. Using the wonders of the Internet, such apps can find you the nearest quality handyman in a matter of minutes.

Finding a Quality Charger

In this day and age, there’s almost nothing that we do without using the Internet, at least in some way. Let’s face it - this article is evidence of that. With that in mind - while you’re packing and remodeling, you want to make sure that your phone is always on, no matter what you’re doing. Find a quality backup charger to be certain that you’re never off the grid!

Always Having Enough Light

If you’re doing a big remodel of your home, as we’ve mentioned above - not all of the tasks involved will be particularly glamorous. And while you’re redoing your basement and attic, you’ll definitely need a portable fluorescent lamp like Superlight. Doing a home remodel, you may find yourself lacking power at certain times. But with a lamp like this, you’ll be able to make adjustments even when you turn your electricity of - it runs on batteries!

Selecting the Right Color

Think about it - what’s one of the hardest things about packing and remodeling? That’s right - selecting the right colors for your walls. Indeed, that’s a tough decision - if you make a mistake, you might notice it too late, when it’s hard to correct. But if you use an app like TapPainter, this becomes the easiest thing in the world. Using a picture of your walls, you can try out different color palettes on your phone - without a single stroke of the brush!

Selecting colors for your walls has never been easier!