Self storage unit organization ideas and gadgets that can help

Posted by SWE Inc on 5th Aug 2020

You want organized storage? Here are a couple of self storage unit organization ideas and gadgets that you'll find very useful.

Self storage unit organization ideas and gadgets that can help.

Almost everyone has been in a situation where they can’t find something they buried in a self storage unit a while ago. Looking for that one item and moving around stacks of boxes can easily turn into a stressful task. Digging through the boxes can swiftly turn into a complete nightmare. Before you know it, your system of using plastic bags or using the same box size can leave you with everything pulled out of your storage unit if not correctly labeled for identification. If done properly, with a couple more tricks, you can be saved from a lot of trouble. So, here are some self storage unit organization ideas and gadgets you can use to upgrade your organization game.

Why is self storage organization important?

In our everyday lives, we try to make every task easier, if possible. Let's say that you're going shopping. With your pockets full, bag in your hands, you can't really pay attention to your pockets and your keys or your phone. That's why CarryMore shopping bag, a bag with outside pockets will make shopping easier. Basically, you'll find that if the item we need is available to us at that same moment, we can save some precious time. And even better, this can allow us to focus on other, more important issues. As you can see, we can't afford to lose time on a self-storage unit that's not properly organized. Read on, and make your life easier, starting with your storage.

Are you ready?

Self storage unit organization ideas

The main reason for renting a storage unit is to make more space. Space in your home, office, and maybe even more importantly, space in your mind. In order for this to work, first, you need to find a provider you can rely on. Then, you need to make sure your unit stays organized. If your unit is disorganized, you can get a headache when you realize you can't remember where you've put the item that you need. Luckily, these simple ideas can prevent that.

Let's make some space in your storage unit, and space in your mind.

Keep your unit clean

It would be good to clean your self storage unit every once in a while. Regular sweeping and dusting will keep your unit clean and keep you motivated to regularly check if the whole storage is in perfect order. Who wants to organize a dirty and dusty unit?

Pack your boxes smart

Ideas for organizing your self storage unit won't work if you don't pack your boxes properly.

  • Try to get boxes of the same size, as it will help you utilize the storage space better.
  • Heavier and more resistant items should be placed at the bottom of the box.
  • Fragile items should be close to the top of the box.
  • Protect your items, especially your fragile items, before you put them in the box.
  • Label every box with a number and the room which the items are from.

In order to apply these storage unit organization ideas, make a detailed list of every single item within each box.

Time to apply these storage unit organization ideas.

Stack properly

It should make sense that heavier boxes should be at the bottom of the stack, and lighter boxes at the top. Also, stacks have a certain theme or category. Make sure that you can easily access the stacks with boxes packed with items you might use. There's a good chance you'll need your winter/summer clothes soon, just like the box with your Christmas decorations.

Organize a layout

In order to prevent problems with your storage unit, you'll need to think ahead. Fitting all of the items in your storage space is not your only goal. Your goal is also to be able to reach all of the items in your storage. After you stack up the boxes alongside the walls, leave a path in the middle so that you can reach these boxes. And of course, place the items you'll need regularly right there in the aisle. Also, keep in mind that you should keep lightweight boxes in a place where you believe the second aisle might be necessary. This way, you'll be able to move these boxes without too much effort.

Make a map

It would be good to have a map with the layout of the storage and the boxes. It doesn't have to be too detailed, you only need to have the numbers of the boxes and their positions. Keep one copy with you, and leave one copy in the storage unit. And make sure the map is in sync with your list of all the items in your boxes. Of course, should you take something out, be sure to update your map and the list. Otherwise, you could easily get confused, and all of the hard work you put into organizing your self storage unit might be for nothing.

Useful supplies and gadgets

In order to execute these storage organization ideas, make sure you have the following items.

  • Cleaning supplies - a broom, a garbage can, and chemicals
  • Boxes of the same size will be good for stacking
  • Packing tape will be more than necessary for closing your boxes and for wrapping up your fragile items
  • Strong shears should be kept inside the unit
  • Packing materials that will protect your items and keep them safe
  • Markers are necessary for labeling the boxes, and a regular pencil will help you update the list or the map, should you happen to make any changes

Come up with your own storage unit organization ideas

It's true that life hacks can make our life easier. When it comes to storage unit organization ideas, just like with anything else, it's important that they work for you. So, if necessary, come up with the ideas that will make sense to you and make your life easier. And just like that, with some creativity and consistency, storage problems will be a thing of the past.