Posted by SWE Inc on 13th Jun 2019

Does your online shopping almost always end with you going on a splurge? Don’t worry, you are definitely not alone in this one! We’ve all been there, splashing out on products that we don’t really need or that could’ve cost us less. Thankfully, we can always learn from our mistakes and find ways to save money when shopping online. Whether you are an online shopping veteran or a newbie, buckle up for some useful tips on how to avoid overspending.

Make a shopping list

Do you ever find yourself aimlessly scrolling for hours on end, not searching for any specific item? The end result: you find yourself buying stuff you will never use. This scenario is especially frequent during or after the relocation process. When starting fresh, it’s hard not to clutter your new home with all sorts of decorative items just to fill the empty space on the shelves. To avoid this, make a list of things you need to buy after you move in. Lists are also extremely useful when hiring services online.

Extra tip: After you’ve listed all the products, make sure to set your budget before starting your shopping journey. By making a list and sticking to it, you will not only save money but you will also keep your space neat and organized as well. Creating a pre-move list while searching for moving help to keep track of services and compare prices will lead you to respectable moving companies like Trust me, you’ll thank yourself later!

Making a list and sticking to it will keep you from buying products you don't really need.

Research and compare product prices

Comparison shopping is one of the main reasons online shopping is growing so fast. Thorough research will get you a long way. That being said, a great way to save money when shopping online is by using Google shopping site. There you can review prices across retailers for any product you might be interested in. For example, let’s say you want to buy gadgets for pets. After a careful search in this category, you zero down on a particular product. Then, Google does the entire job for you. Basically, the only thing you have to do is choose the product and in response, Google compares the prices of that same product in thousands of stores. Amazing, right?

While you’re there, don’t forget to check seller rating or customer reviews – both can be helpful in terms of reliability. This means that shopping for a something such as a pet furniture cover can be done with the greatest of ease and at a most affordable price.

Make use of deals and coupons to save money when shopping online

Be honest, how many times have you rushed to the checkout page just wanting to get things over with? Slow down next time - chances are you’ll miss the small box for a coupon code which could significantly lower your bill. In case you're still a rookie in the online shopping world, you'll think of hours of clipping, sorting and organizing. But those days are long gone. Now, by visiting coupon sites you have the information about all the retailers and their deals at your fingerprints. How great is that?! Couponing sites also show you the code's success rate so you won't have to worry about fake coupons.

Extra tips: Couponing and deal hunting can sometimes entice you to buy things you don’t need. Just because you can buy almost everything online doesn’t mean you should. Another piece of advice is to not go overboard with online shopping. A traditional brick and mortar store for some clothing items that you need to try and check the material is a better solution than an online purchase. For this purpose, head out with a reusable shopping bag and go have some fun!

Coupons can score you % off your purchase. Find your go-to deal site and reap the benefits!

Loyalty programs

If you're an experienced shopper, then, customer loyalty programs are a familiar concept. You will not only save money when shopping online for useful gadgets such as portable rechargeable lamps but you will also gain access to bonus discounts normal shoppers miss out on. That's why they are such an effective way of establishing and maintaining relationships with customers. So, if you have a favorite retailer that you always come back to, see how you can become a member of their loyalty program. You can get up to 20% discounts upon signing and receive 'members-only' prices for your birthday and sales events throughout the year.

Another type of reward program is the accumulation of points which you can later redeem for discounts on your orders. Enroll only in those loyalty programs of the respectable shopping site you trust and whose benefits you will use frequently. May the penny-pinching commence!

Cash-back apps

This is a great way to earn money while spending it. Yes, you read that correctly. It does sound counter-intuitive, doesn't it? Well, bear with us, it's simple. Instead of going directly to the retailer's website, you access it through a cashback app and you get a percentage of the amount you spent. Look at it as a reward given to you for making purchases from a retailer. You will save a bundle by using rebate apps as you are basically being paid to shop! Once you've installed the app just search for deals, click the link provided and complete the purchase. The retailer then sends a commission to your cashback site and in turn, a slice of this money turns up into your bank or Paypal account. Convenient, right?

The amount of money you get back may be insignificant at first. Think of it as your piggy 

bank - you never know when you'll need that extra cash!

Wrap up

After going through all these different ways to save money when shopping online, your head must be spinning with information. Don't worry, once all the info sinks in, you will be transformed into a true online shopping expert. The best thing about different money saving techniques is that you can combine them and create your own thrift shopping tactics. Make your own personalized plan that covers your shopping needs and you will never overspend again. Here's to careful planning and thorough research!