How to pack fragile gadgets for your upcoming move?

Posted by SWE Inc on 14th Aug 2019

How to pack fragile gadgets for your upcoming move?

Moving can be fatal for easily-breakable items. If you take a look around you, you’ll see that your home is full of such items. From mirrors and figurines to dishes and electronic devices, it seems that we can easily lose half of our home during a single move. You need to pack fragile gadgets like a professional if you want them to survive the move intact. And that’s exactly why you should keep reading. By following our tips for packing fragile gadgets, you can rest assured that they are perfectly protected throughout the move.

Identify all your fragile gadgets

We are sure you know which items can break easily. If you’re not sure how sensitive a gadget is, do not take any risks. Identify all the gadgets you consider fragile and make a list as you go through each room. Some of them you might want to toss or sell before moving. Not every gadget is worth spending packing material on. If it’s not working or you don’t use it anymore, now is the time to get rid of it. Set the gadgets you want to keep aside in a separate area before you start packing.

Take photos before you pack sensitive gadgets

Take photos of the gadgets that are wired up before you disconnect them. You’ll have trouble putting everything back into place unless you know where all those cables go. Also, items like some portable lamps need to be disassembled for the move. You will be so glad you took pictures, trust us. Moreover, if you are hiring professional movers, photos can serve as evidence in case your gadgets suffer any damage in transit.

Taking photos before you pack fragile gadgets will spare you a lot of trouble.

Pack fragile gadgets using the right packing supplies

Unless you use proper packing supplies to pack fragile gadgets, they won’t make it from point A to point B, even when moving locally. Before you start, make sure you have the following:

  • Sturdy boxes
  • Tape
  • Packing paper
  • Bubble pack (get as much as you can)
  • Permanent marker
  • Scissors

Prepare suitable containers

The containers you use must be sturdy and clean. Shopping bags may be great for packing non-breakable items, like clothes and bed linen, but for delicate gadgets, you need boxes. If possible, use the original packaging your gadgets came in when you bought them. If not, purchase new boxes, taking their size and shape into consideration.

We suggest putting smaller gadgets, such as this backup battery, in their original box first and then in a larger box with other items. Use smaller boxes for heavier gadgets so they can be lifted and carried with ease. Reinforce the bottom of each box with tape.

When it comes to packing fragile gadgets, you cannot use any old box.

Use lots of packing paper

Packing paper can be used for both wrapping and filling up empty spaces inside the containers. Moving companies such as Miami Movers for Less can provide all the packing materials you need, including packing paper. Crumpled, ink-free newsprint packing paper should be put on the bottom of each container before placing fragile gadgets. This padding layer should be able to absorb all the vibrations and hits during transport. Regular newspaper can be used instead, however, be careful with it because it may leave stains.

First, wrap the fragile gadgets in packing paper, then, secure the paper with tape. This way, delicate surfaces will be protected from scratching. Use the leftover paper to fill all the gaps between the packed items. There should be as little empty space as possible. As every movement can cause damage, make sure everything stays in place during transit.

Bubble pack will save your sensitive gadgets

The role of plastic bubble pack in protecting your gadgets is crucial. And as we said, you should get as many bubbles as possible. When in doubt whether to use packing paper or bubble pack, we suggest using both. Sometimes, one or the other can be enough. However, placing bubble pack directly on some surfaces can cause damage. It may trap moisture or leave marks on your delicate gadgets, which is a risk you don’t need to take. It would be best to use bubble pack as a second layer of protection. Then, use small pieces of tape to prevent it from moving.

Use original boxes if you still have them.

Do not underestimate the importance of labeling

People often skip labeling thinking they won’t forget what is inside each box. If you do the packing yourself, you will probably remember very well where everything is. However, you should label each box as you pack fragile gadgets for the move. Labels serve not only as a reminder of the content of each container, but also as a warning for those who carry them. When those who lift, carry, load, and unload the boxes see that fragile gadgets are inside, they will be extra careful.

Write ’’Fragile’’ or ’’Handle with care’’ on each box containing fragile gadgets. In addition, write which room the items belong to. You can be even more precise and write the names of the gadgets. Use a red or black permanent marker. Labels in different colors can be used as well.