How to make your relocation simple and easy?

Posted by SWE Inc on 29th Mar 2019

How to make your relocation simple and easy?

In a perfect world, you’d click your ruby red slippers three times, wish it, and simply – move. But, this is not a fairytale, ruby red slippers are usually costly and moving takes much, much groundwork. If you’ve moved before, you know this. However, if this is your first time moving, you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed with the amount of things that need to be done. But don’t worry! It can be done with enough preparation. Here is how you can make your relocation simple and easy.

Leave yourself plenty of time

Everyone would like to be able to finish a big process like moving in a day. But that is simply not possible. Packing alone can take several days, let alone other, often forgotten parts of the relocation. The best way you can make your relocation simple and easy is to give yourself enough time. After all, moving takes a lot of time. So don’t procrastinate. Most people agree that, for a quality relocation, you should have between four and eight weeks of preparation. Try not to leave less than a month, though, because it can be tricky to carry out all the tasks in time.

Doing everything on time is vital

Make a plan of the relocation

In order to be prepared, it is best to sit down and put pen to paper. Well, if you’re more inclined to technology, then, of course, use a computer. But make sure you have a somewhat fixed plan of your move. You need it in order to check your progress. Also, it will bring you ease of mind when you cross over items from the list. There’s no better way to make your relocation simple and easy than having a plan. That provides you with something to refer to when you feel a bit stressed.

Make a list of the big things that need to be done, like packing and scheduling the move. Then, make a list of the small things that you should also do, like notifying all the necessary services. That way, you’ll make sure nothing is forgotten. However, always have a backup plan. Let’s say you’ve forgotten to get in touch with utility companies in your new home. That is why it is useful to have a portable rechargeable fluorescent lamp. It will help you until you set up everything with the electricity company. And, in addition, it is useful when there’s a power shortage. So, always make sure you have a backup plan.

Hire professionals to make your relocation simple and easy

It is especially recommended to hire professionals when you move long distance. Moving in general is incredibly stressful, let alone when you have to do it yourself. But, if you’ve moved by yourself before and know the ins and the outs, go for it. Just make sure you have the help of friends and family, because that is truly invaluable.

It’s important to have someone to help you move

However, in any other case, it is truly best to hire a professional moving company. They can handle the most strenuous part of the move, providing you with peace of mind in the process. Professionals can help you relocate your furniture, they can pack your things, offer storage services if necessary. And, most importantly, there is much less chance of anything being damaged in the process. That’s what professional moving companies are there for – to help you during a stressful time and to make your relocation simple and easy.


Decluttering is a great way to reduce the amount of things you need to move. It is also a great way of even earning money. Just organize a yard/garage sale and get rid of the things that you haven’t used in quite some time. Or, if you’re feeling charitable, you can donate the things you don’t need or even give them to your friends or family members. Decluttering is also great if you need to downsize your home. If that is the case, you can reduce the amount of things you have also by using storage. You can store your belongings in safe storage units until you decide what you want to do with them. That way, they will be protected and you will have time to make a decision.

Gather the necessary supplies

There’s nothing worse than starting to pack only to realize that you don’t have this, don’t have that… Instead of trying to make your relocation simple and easy, you’d simply end up making it more stressful. Make a list of things that you will need a few weeks before the packing. That way, you will have time to remember something that you may have forgotten in your rush. These are the elementary things you will need for packing:

  • Boxes of various sizes. Put heavier things into smaller boxes and lighter things into larger ones. Remember, you or the movers will have to carry them and load/unload them.
  • Packing tape.This is to secure boxes and furniture. We highly recommend that you don’t try to save money on packing tape.
  • Bubble wrap. You need to protect your items and bubble wrap is the best way to go. However, if you want to save money, you can use old blankets, towels, and even old newspapers instead of bubble wrap.

Using old newspapers can save you money

  • CarryMore Reusable bags. You will have to separate “essentials” for your first day or two in your new home. You may not have the time to unpack right away, but you need things like bed sheets, pajamas, essential clothes, toiletries. That is why the CarryMore reusable shopping bags are perfect for you. They are big enough to carry your essentials, and when you’re done, you can use them when grocery shopping.
  • Labels, markers and scissors. These are necessary to mark each and every single box as precisely as possible. That way, your unpacking will be much easier. And that is an important step if you want to make your relocation simple and easy.

Pack efficiently

Go through one room at a time, don’t run around with your head barely on your shoulders, panicking. This creates unnecessary stress and hinders your plan. It is best if you focus on one room at a time. That way, you will be more efficient. It is best to start with the biggest room, then work your way down. You will feel a great sense of accomplishment when you pack, let’s say, your living room. Also, use labels and markers liberally. If you have the time, write down the room and the content of boxes. This will make the unpacking process much, much easier later on.