WC Wunder Antimicrobial Antibacterial Toilet Bowl Bristleless Brush - Black

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Toilet Concierge Wunder - Black

Quality made in GermanyDon't buy the imitations. Buy the original. This was the hit product of 2015 as seen on QVC Germany, QVC UK, QVC Italy

The original WC Wunder Antimicrobial Antibacterial Toilet Bowl Brush is the world's first antimicrobial Silver Ion Antibacterial non-bristle toilet brush made with anti-drip and anti-stick materials!

This new patent protected invention is fast replacing conventional toilet bowl brushes worldwide!

The WC Wunder Antimicrobial Toilet Bowl Brush contains a flexible antimicrobial silicone head which allows you to deep clean around and under the rim of the toilet bowl.

The non-stick and anti-adhesion properties incorporated into the brush help kill more germs and bacteria unlike traditional brush heads which can collect waste and paper. The ergonomically designed pad is shaped to remove water stains and other contaminants even below the water line.

One (1) year limited manufacturer’s warranty against defects and workmanship. 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What can I use the WC Wunder for?

A. The WC Wunder is for regular cleaning of the toilet bowl, toilet rim area and toilet U-Bend area.

Q. Why has it got Silver Ion Impregnation?

A. Silver has known natural antibacterial and antimicrobial effects that help kill and eliminate bacteria. By impregnating the WC Wunder brush head and handle with Silver Ions, the natural germ killing and anti-bacterial effects of the Silver impregnation helps to keep the brush, and the areas which it comes into contact with during use, free from germs and bacterial contamination.

Q. What’s the best way to use the WC Wunder when cleaning the toilet?

A. For best performance frequently wet the WC Wunder before and during use. Use a combination of the flat pimpled surface for abrasive action cleaning and use the cutting edges of the brush for best cleaning results. Stubborn marks can be cleaned using plenty of water and by using the brush edge as a scraper.

Q. Will the WC Wunder remove lime scale or ingrained stains?

A. The WC Wunder, like standard bristle brushes, is not designed to remove lime scale or ingrained stains - some of which can frequently be attributed to the deterioration of the enamel or porcelain surface of the toilet bowl.

Q. Is the Silver Ion cleaning effect in the WC Wunder tested?

A. Yes. The WC Wunder Silver Ion antibacterial cleaning effect has been tested, approved and certified by the renowned Hohenstein Laboratory.

Q. Can I use my normal toilet bleaches and cleaning chemicals with my WC Wunder?

A. Yes. You can use normal domestic household toilet cleaners and bleach with your WC Wunder to help cleaning.

Q. How long will the Silver Ion Antibacterial effect last?

A. The Silver Ions are injected into the brush during the making of the brush handle and the brush head.

They are therefore mechanically fixed into the WC Wunder and will last as long as the brush. The effect is continuous - working to kill and reduce microbial contamination 24 hours a day.

Q. Who makes the WC Wunder Brush?

A. The inventor is a called Thorsten Brenner and he has the brush made in Germany using the highest standards of German Engineering.

Q. Can I use my WC Wunder Brush to clean the toilet seat?

A. No. The WC Wunder is not designed to clean toilet seats.

Q. How is the WC Wunder brush head fixed to the handle?

A. The brush head is fixed to the handle by pushing and twisting the head on and over the two retaining ridges on the end of the handle. The head is on securely when the Rubber head is butted up against the final lip of the handle and in secure contact with this lip all the way around.

Q. If needed, how should I clean the WC Wunder?

A. The WC Wunder is designed to be drip resistant and stick resistant. Normal rinsing during toilet flushes should be enough to clean the WC Wunder. However, if necessary it can be cleaned in warm water using standard household cleaning products.



One year limited manufacturer's warranty.

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