Two-Way Shoe Stretchers

Widen and lengthen your shoes and add a little wiggle room for those precious toes with our Stained Wood 2-Way Shoe Stretchers. We have them in both men's and women's sizes - the gender specific design means more comfort.

Now you can easily stretch the width and the length of your shoes by up to one-half a size so you feel some relief from the painful pressure of shoes that are just too tight. The secret is in the pressure pods that gently stretch your shoes without their losing their shape. Your feet will feel great! Our two-Way Wooden Shoe Stretchers provide relief from hammertoes, bunions, corns, blisters and more! Just place the pressure pods into the shoe stretcher where you need extra relief. Then insert into the shoe and turn the knob on the stretcher. Just like that - more room, more comfort!

Each set of shoe stretchers includes: