Nyce Legs Spray On Instant Nylons - in Medium Beige or Dark Beige

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Product Overview

Please note that we do not have any more of the Nude shade in stock. We only have Medium Beige and Dark Beige.

Medium Beige is our most popular color and it is suited to all shades of skin from fair to dark.

Nyce Legs Spray on Leg Make-up is easy to apply - just spray it right onto your bare legs. It resists water and perspiration so it stays put all day and all evening! Why worry about how your legs look this summer or anytime? With NyceLegs Spray, they'll look their absolute best! It covers spider and varicose veins in just minutes! Great for wearing with sandals, skirts, dresses and shorts! Why wear stockings when you don't have to. Great for the pool or the beach. It's water-resistant. 

Our customers have used NYCELEGS on their arms to help hide tattoos and scars. Even though we do not actually recommend it, we have customers who use it on their face as foundation. We have customers with vitiligo who use it to cover discoloration. Also works well on acne scars, bags, wrinkles, pigmentation and rosacea. NyceLegs helps to conceal things you don't want other people to see.

SIMPLE TO APPLY: Hold can approximately 6 to 8 inches from your legs, spray in a straight line up and down your legs. Less is more, so spray lightly. Nyce Legs Spray will dry within one minute or less. Additional layers can be applied if you desire. Smooth and even, use your hands to even the product after applying. Pat down. Wash hands with soap and water.

EASY TO REMOVE: Use soap and water. Water alone will not remove Nyce Legs Spray. Rinse dry.

Nyce Legs Spray will not rub off on your clothes, sheets or hands. It's non-toxic and is not animal-tested.

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Warranty Information

One year limited manufacturer's warranty.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review