Nyce Legs Leg & Feet Buffer

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Nyce Legs Leg & Feet Buffer

NYCE LEGS™ leg & feet buffer cleans, moisturizes, exfoliates and massages legs & feet. Transforms rough, dry skin and leaves feet and legs feeling soft & silky. You get at least 20 bubbly, fragrantly exuberant washes that will make you feel great from head to toes!

Each use whisks away rough, dry spots and stimulates circulation to encourage healthy new skin growth. A blend of olive oil, shea butter and eucaplyptus extracts leave your skin feeling perfectly clean and refreshed, while the unique buffer texture provides a relaxing massage that eases aches and pains! Use daily for soft, silky, fresh, clean
feet and legs!

The NYCE LEGS™ leg & feet buffer is the perfect complement to NYCE LEGS™ spray on instant leg makeup! Your legs will look and feel smoother and more glamorous than ever!

One year limited manufacturer's warranty.