Love2Pet Ultrasound Flea & Tick Shield for Dogs & Cats - No Chemicals!

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Love2Pet Ultrasound Flea & Tick Shield for Dogs & Cats

Love2Pet Ultrasound Flea & Tick Shield for Dogs & Cats is the safe, non-toxic and odorless way to help protect your companion cat from the dangerous effects of fleas and ticks. We don’t use any harmful chemicals.  In fact, we don’t use any chemicals! Modern ultrasound technology is used to keep fleas and ticks away from your animal.  The ultrasound frequency has been proven in independent university studies to keep fleas and ticks away by emitting a series of ultrasound pulses that are bothersome to fleas and ticks but not harmful to your dog or cat. 

Our non-replaceable lithium battery will last up to 10 months to provide continuous protection and is not affected by rain or moisture. Simply attach the Love2Pet Ultrasound Flea & Tick Shield to your dog's or cat’s collar with the included “o” ring.  The transmitter should be facing towards the chest of the dog or cat. To activate the ultrasound shield, simply pull out the tab.  The LED will blink 10 times to let you know it has been activated.  It is now working and will provide protection for up to 10 months. 

Quality made in Italy.  Hundreds of thousands have been sold in Europe. 

Our Ultrasound Flea & Tick Shield has been designed to provide a preventive effect (prophylaxis) hindering subsequent infestations.  It is imperative that should the dog or cat have infestations from fleas, it is necessary to bathe the animal with a quality flea shampoo to remove the fleas prior to using the Flea & Tick Shield.  


How does it work? The Shield emits a specific frequency studied at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Milan which disturbs fleas and ticks forcing them to leave the pet and protects it from possible re infestation.

How should it be applied? The device must be applied with the emitter toward the body of the pet.

How to activate it? You simply remove the device from its package and pull the red flap. A LED inside the device blinks about 10 times to confirm the activation.

How long does it protect the animal from fleas and ticks from the activation date? It lasts for 10-12 months from the date of activation.

How can I check if it is still active? You can check if it is still active by inserting a thin tip into the small hole located at the top right of the device and then pressing the battery check button. The LED will flash inside the device again about 10 times to confirm the operation. Attention, the frequent use of the battery check button reduces the battery life.

Can you replace the battery in the Shield? You can not replace the battery and after 10-12 months you need to buy a new device. The reason is the progressive deterioration of natural and / or obstruction to which the emitting capsule is subject due to the constant contact with the fur of the animal. 

How much time is necessary because fleas and ticks abandon the animal from the time of application of the Shield? The Shield reaches its maximum effect after 15 days from activation. In the case in which the animal is already infested significantly before application of the Shield, according to common sense, and to avoid unnecessary disturbance to the animal, it is suggested that a chemical treatment be applied immediately and subsequent use of the Shield only for the purpose of prophylaxis.

Can it cause allergies? The Shield is a hypoallergenic product.

The use of the Shield can change the behavior of the animal? Absolutely not. The operating frequencies of the Shield can not be heard by dogs nor cats.

Dogs and cats can hear ultrasound emitted by the Shield? No.

From what age can you apply the Shield? The Shield is a natural remedy and can be used from birth.

You can apply the Shield in the case where the animal is sick? Absolutely, the Shield is a natural remedy with no contraindications for the animal.

The Shield can be used by animals in gestation / lactation? Absolutely, the Shield is a natural remedy with no contraindications for the animal.

The Shield is water resistant? The Shield is splash resistant but not water immersible. The device can not in fact be tight as it is obviously necessary that ultrasound "escape" from the device to perform its function. It is therefore necessary to remove the device while bathing the animal.

The Shield is as effective as the chemicals against fleas and ticks? The Shield is a natural product to repel fleas and ticks from the body of your pet in areas up to medium / high proliferation. In the case of areas of high proliferation, a natural remedy may not be sufficient.

What are the advantages of the Shield with respect to chemicals? The Shield is a natural remedy and has no contraindication for the pet and for those around him. The device is recommended at any time during the life of the animal and it is sufficient to apply it once a year.

Does the Shield expire? It is suggested that the Shield be activated within 1 year of purchase.

Can the Shield be used on dogs and cats of any size? Absolutely. The device is designed to protect animals either small, medium and large size.

Can I start using the Shield even though I already applied to the animal an anti flea and tick chemicals? Absolutely, the Shield is a natural remedy with no contraindications for the animal.

Can the animal be confused in case of joint use of the most common training and whistles by the Shield? No. The frequency with which they operate the most common training whistles are audible to the animal while those issued by the Shield are not.

Other precautions to be taken into account? Apply, as on the other hand any other medal commercially, in a position which is difficult to be attacked by the animal in order to avoid the danger of suffocation.

I activated the device but there are still fleas and ticks on the body of the animal, what do I do? Verify that the device has been correctly applied, it is active, it is after a period of time of 15 days from the activation date and the date of confirmation that the device has reached the height of its effectiveness, that the Shield has not been immersed in water, make sure that the cap is not blocked and that the emitting area is not in a frequented high proliferation of fleas and ticks. If the problem persists, contact the manufacturer.


One year limited manufacturer's warranty.