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Love2Pet Hempbone Artisan Soft Baked Bacon Apple Donuts for Pets

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Hemp bone bacon Apple donuts with cinnamon are soft baked and ideal for calming and comforting your pet. 

We love pets as much as you do and know the difficulty of seeing our pets in stressful situations, such as experiencing loud noises or limping due to painful knees and hips. 
That’s why we created Hempbone bacon Apple donuts utilizing our calming and comforting formula of plant-based natural ingredients. 
Our special blend will help reduce your pet’s tension and pain with all-natural plant based nutrients. Made with hemp seed oil - an amazing source of nutrients essential to your dog’s overall health. 
Supports cardiovascular function. 
Promotes neurological health & emotional behavior. 
Supports the joints & hips of your furry loved ones. 
Ideal for animals exhibiting stress, anxiety and responses to environmental stresses.