LifeLocket 2-pack 32GB USB Storage PC Backup

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Everything is replaceable on your computer - except your personal files. Scan, find and back up all your personal files in just one click with LifeLocket. With 32GB of storage on each waterproof flash drive, there's enough space to store all of your most important documents, photos and more in case of an emergency (Actual user storage space available is typically less than stated due to pre-installed system software and programs). Made in China. Aluminum and plastic.

Automatically safeguards your information

  • Scans, finds and backs up all your personal files and copies them in just 1 click
  • Knows which files are new or modified, and updates files stored on the device accordingly
  • Gives you the option to store documents like Word, text files and PDFs; tax files from popular tax software Turbo Tax and H&R Block; medical files; financial information including spreadsheets; graphic files, music files, photos and videos

Moving and restoring files is easy

  • Install it on your new computer, run it and select restore
  • Automatically gives you the option to restore all files


  • Your data is safe in case Life Locket gets wet or is dropped in water

Small but spacious

  • Packs a big punch with 32 GB of storage
  • Holds up to 12,740 5MP photos, 9,132 minutes of music, 819,200 documents and 4,502 .MPEG2 videos