Sportswear- how to take care of it?

Posted by Alexandra Milton on 16th Oct 2020

Proper care of your sportswear is essential for maintaining the qualities of the fabric and keeping its good appearance. Sweating during exercise is a good sign - it shows that you're working hard. However, nobody wants smelly clothes. In this article, we'll share some advice on how to properly take care of your training clothes, so keep on reading to get some helpful tips.

General advice on how to care for most of your sportswear

Always check the care label on your sportswear for instruction on washing. Cotton t-shirts and leggings can withstand high heat and machine drying, while most of the other fabrics which sportswear are made of may not. They require a little more effort to stay in good shape. Here is some general advice on how to properly care for your sportswear, so it can look good, feel good, and last longer:

  • Turn your training clothes inside out before putting them in the machine - it will keep the colors vivid
  • Machine wash – use the delicate wash program and wash only small amounts at a time
  • Hand wash in cold water only
  • Use a mild detergent or special sportswear washing gel, designed specially to clean moisture-absorbing synthetic materials
  • Avoid using stain removers, bleach and fabric softeners
  • Dry them at the lowest possible temperature if you must use a dryer, but air-dry is the best option whenever possible
  • Do not iron your sportswear

You should wash your training clothes after each use. Don't allow sweaty clothes to dry and then re-wear them because dirt and bacteria will build up on the fabric. If, for some reason, you aren't able to wash your sportswear the same day you use them, at least allow your clothes to air-dry before throwing them in the laundry. It will prevent mold and bad smells.

Always have in mind that strong detergents and bleach can damage the fabric. Moreover, fabric softeners can degrade the sweat-soaking properties of your sportswear. High heat in a washer or dryer can break down the materials, reduce their elasticity, and even cause tears in your sportswear.

Training clothes should be washed after each use.

Key ingredients for the best results in training

Being good at sports and achieving the best results requires lots of training, time, effort, and persistence. It also requires someone to help you start and coach you, at least at the beginning. When you choose the best person for the job, a trainer who will bring out the best and most out of you, you've set yourself on the path to success. Following that path means continuing to give your maximum each time. An experienced trainer will help you be in the best possible shape and become the best version of yourself. Your goodwill, good habits, and reliable gear are the other ingredients for the best results in training. Assuming that you already have motivation and enthusiasm for sports, let's take a look at what's essential when choosing the ideal sportswear.

How to choose (and care for) the best training clothes

When searching for new sportswear and sports shoes, always have in mind the type of exercise you’ll be doing. You need to feel confident and comfortable during training, so the right sportswear is necessary to achieve the best results. After finding the perfect fit for you, it will be easy to maintain it. You may even find it relaxing and enjoyable.

Comfy sports shoes

Your sports shoes should be lightweight and breathable. They should be comfortable and fit your feet perfectly. Blisters on heels and toes are common after a hard workout or a long run. Try comfy shoe cushions/pads and have a more enjoyable training, run or walk to avoid them.

If you have found ideal sports shoes but realized that they are too tight, try shoe stretchers. They will add a little bit of width and length to your shoes. It will be especially practical for summer months because your feet swell more during exercise and warm weather.

The right choice of sportswear - which is easy to take care of

When you're looking to buy new sportswear, always opt for something practical and comfortable. Tight-fitting clothes are the best option because you and your trainer need to see if you're doing exercises correctly. The special types of sportswear fabrics will help you stay dry and comfortable during training. For stretching exercises and yoga, polyester and spandex will allow your body to bend easily. If you plan on running or doing cardio workouts and aerobic exercises, moisture-absorbing fabrics, such as nylon, are the best choice to stay dry and cozy.

Special sportswear fabrics will help you stay dry and comfortable during training

and they are easy to take care of

Goodbye bad smells

Have your training clothes accumulated unpleasant smells which washing doesn't take care of? If so, we have a proven and inexpensive trick for you to try. Distilled white vinegar does wonders. This multi-purpose product contains a small amount of acid, which helps remove grease, bacteria, and dirt and rinses it off after washing. Mix a small amount of distilled vinegar with four times more cold water, immerse your sportswear and soak for 30 minutes before washing. It really doesn't cost much, it's easy and quick, and it can help a lot in fighting bad odors.

Here's another useful and cheap trick. This one is for your sports shoes to help restore their freshness:

After the workout, moisture allows bacteria to thrive in your sports shoes, causing bad smell. Baking soda powder absorbs humidity and reduces the chance of foul odors. At the same time, it acts as a fungicide and has antibacterial properties. To remove bad smells from your sports shoes, rub ordinary household baking soda directly into them. Let them rest for at least 24h, and the baking soda will do the magic. You can shake off or wipe off any excess powder. If you plan on packing and storing your shoes for some time, this is a great trick. It will ensure that when you need them again - they will be waiting fresh and ready.

To remove bad odors from your sports shoes - try using the baking soda powder

Ready to focus on your performance

Choosing the ideal sportswear and taking good care of it will allow you to focus all your attention on your training without worries. Additionally, you can search for some gadgets to help you during the workout to gain more motivation while making exercise fun. With clean and comfy sportswear and a good mood - you will be ready to have the best performance.

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Alexandra Milton is a yoga trainer and nutritional expert with more than 10 years of experience, currently based in California, USA. In her free time, she likes to read, write blog articles, and travel.