Ruff facts...

Posted by Leon Rosen on 1st Dec 2014

Over this past long Thanksgiving weekend, I finally had a chance to get caught up on some magazine reading material. In one of the magazines, I noticed a picture of a well known person (I won’t say who) but they were pictured with their companion dog.

It dawned on me how many people have different types of dogs and how so many of them actually looked like their owners! That gave me a fun idea about publishing a little bit of trivia fun info. See if you know the answers to the following...

-what kind of companion dog did General George Patton have?

-what kind of companion dog did Steve Jobs have?

-what kind of companion dog did Robert Ripley (Believe it or not fame) have?

-what kind of companion dog did Napoleon Bonaparte have? (and, no, its name was not “bone apart”)

Now, in the area of companion dogs with our American Presidents, let’s see if you get guess the following.

-of the 45 Presidents the US has had, how many had companion dogs?

-what kind of companion dog did George Washington have?

(we can go on from here or just mix it up, etc., etc., etc,)