Turning your wall switch into a smart switch……is that even possible? The hugely successful “AutoChron” wall switch timer is excited to introduce the “SwitchGenie” that will be coming soon.

Like the AutoChron, the SwitchGenie will have the same computer chip which makes it easy to program and it will control any electrical item that is connected to the wall switch. However, the SwitchGenie is designed to work on both the conventional “toggle” or flip type of wall switch as well as the flat or rocker or decor type of wall switches.  It will have a very easy to change back panel that can work on either type of commonly used wall switch in US and Canadian homes. In addition, the new SwitchGenie will have a thinner profile allowing it to be used right next to each other so you can install two or more on a double, triple or quad wall switch plate.  Each of the SwitchGenies can independently control (turn on/off) each electrical item up to 9 different times per day, 7 days a week. No need to have an electrician install it.  It will take less than 2 minutes to install and it fits directly over the wall switch plate. No need to have wifi.  It is never effected by power outages and can’t be hacked. Once installed, both the AutoChron an SwitchGenie are the most efficient and effective security devices on the market AND they will save you money on your electricity bills!