Nyce Legs Natural Hair Removal & Exfoliator - Painless & Easy to Use

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Finally! A Painless and Simple Way to Remove Hair! Say goodbye to harmful chemicals, waxing, plucking and expensive laser treatments. NYCE LEGS™ natural hair removal & exfoliator system easily removes unwanted hair while exfoliating at the same time. Safe enough to use on your legs, arms and face! With NYCE LEGS™ natural hair removal & exfoliator system, your skin is smooth and lovely!

•Soft, simple, painless way to remove unwanted   hair!
•Removes unwanted hair and exfoliates your skin!
•No more electrolysis, waxing, plucking or expensive laser treatments!
•No harmful chemicals!
•Includes travel case, 1 large backing pad, 1 small backing pad, 4 large flex-crystal replacement pads, 4 small flex crystal replacement pads 

One year limited manufacturer's warranty.